Unleash YOUR Inner Vixen

events & workshops · vixen deville · Ages 18+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Embrace and celebrate what you have, and who you are! A unique introduction to the Basics of Burlesque Performance, fused with elements of physical theatre, stand-up and public speaking. A 90min journey of joyful self-expression led by actress Cat LaCohie (aka Burlesque performer Vixen DeVille)

A perfect workshop for both actors and non-actors looking to free themselves up – rediscover themselves and embrace a sense of play.

This Introductory session will cover:

- Basic Burlesque Moves
- Confidence in ‘Being Seen’
- Character and Self Exploration.
- Presentation & Play: Rapport with your audience.

Includes access to the infamous “Suitcase of Joy” to fulfill all your costume and prop desires!!

“It changed the way I feel about making eye contact with strangers on the street. It’s made me bolder, and sassier as I move through the world”
Senta Burke – Actress

“It wasn’t just about stripping or nakedness…it was about empowering myself. loving myself. all of me, even the “bits” that i was conditioned to think were faults.”
Erin Treanor – Theatre Producer

“Vixen is an amazingly supportive, inspiring and dynamic coach – I recommend taking her class to anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and into their unleashed glory!”
Kim C. – Casting Director

“It isn’t just a burlesque class, it’s an class that brings out that amazing you that either you didn’t realize existed or was too scared to let out.”
Mona Harrington – Chef

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran