Katy and Jennifer

kadm productions · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

Two lifelong friends are about to enter a funeral of a child, a marriage, and their youth. As shift gears toward the future, it’s pretty clear that the road ahead will be a lot bumpier than the road behind.

“Donna Simone Johnson as Katy, and Liesel Kopp as Jennifer, tear through this production with a ferocity that makes one truly understand the meaning of friendship, possibly the meaning of life…Johnson and Kopp handle the text with ease as they dole out the clues that are written one by one into Morillo’s script, drawn beautifully on stage by Reena Dutt’s direction…Endearing and heartbreaking.” -Gia On The Move

“Beautiful and touching. It’s theater at its very bones. The combination of Matt Morillo’s writing and Reena Dutt’s direction are a winning combination. It’s a great show!” – LA Theatrebites

From our Fringe Reviews:
“Donna Simone Johnson is a powerhouse. Liesel Kopp is a powerhouse. Don’t miss this show, it’s heartbreaking & wonderful.”

“This show is a gem that is simply beautiful.”

“Truly compelling from beginning to end, this is accomplished in the powerful writing, stunning acting, & delicate yet hard-hitting directing.”

“This show is beautiful in its simplicity. Intimate & honest.”

“Genuinely blown away by a piece of really incredible theater.”

“A near-perfect balance of humor & heartbreak with characters who are real, honest, & dynamic. This is one of the special ones.”

“Everyone should go see this show! It’s a perfect example of an amazing play with only two actors & minimal sets that delivers incredible performances, & a story that had me laughing & crying throughout.”

“A raw & moving play on grieving & friendship.”

“A riveting play with stellar performances!”

“Two real women, impossibly high stakes, life unraveling, & a simple execution of set, costume, & direction make for a very confronting—& somehow comforting—piece of theater.”

“It was such a poignant & realistic portrayal of how we deal with personal tragedy, & the extraordinary bonds of friendship between two people.”

“I can’t recommend this show enough.”


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