F*CK FICTION: True Tales of Life and Death In Paradise

solo performance · building d · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 15, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: comedic · memoir · Miami · Acting

What I liked

The interstitial music performed by Nikki Kelly was one of the highlights. Her amusing delivery of songs relating to the story kept the pacing tight, and provided extra laughter. Her vocal quality was perfect for the show, and she played some surprising instruments with great aplomb.

What I didn't like

I’d like to see Keith begin the show a little less frantically. I was a little concerned with him being able to keep up the intensity he brought to the beginning. Some of that, I’m guessing, may be how crazy it is to get loaded in on a Fringe show. It’s all so wham-bam (I know this from doing Fringe shows myself), but he soon relaxed and from then on I felt he was totally in control.

My overall impression

“One man” or “One-woman” shows have become a cliché. They’re usually more self-help than good writing, and have become a punch line for comedians. Keith Blaney’s show is not one of those. He brings a combination of good, solid, funny writing along with a seasoned actor’s skill to make F*ck Fiction a totally entertaining, funny, and touching memoir of an interesting part of America, and a funny family. You really care about Keith, and his Dad, and even Miami.

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