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June 17, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: comedy · shakespeare · brechtian · spoof · lampoons · funny

What I liked

Carlos Chavez had some amazing movements to differentiate his characters, and I loved his interpretation of Seyton—especially considering how little text this throwaway character has. Special mention to his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it jack-off motion to acknowledge the “issue of a king” line in the conjuring of the apparations. Jack de Sanz came across as a seasoned character actor capable of doing whatever voice, accent, movement, etc. was needed to bring color and richness to the bevy of main and secondary characters he played. Great costumes (shout-out to harem pants) and really neat use of lights to effect a mood, time, and place as both props and scenery. Chase Mullins proves you can have it all by playing the Chris Hemsworth meathead-comedy effortlessly and having a flawless physique. As a gym-rat myself, I was obstinately jealous and angry during most of the last act of the show (so positive and a negative). Mackers! has the only Porter scene that really matters, too.

What I didn't like

The use of sticks as weapons added nothing to the staging and the way they were held (one hand on the end and one in the middle) was awkward. I don’t think they were necessary, and there may have been even more comedy in a Macbeth without weapons.

My overall impression

I just finished a run of Macbeth (the second in my acting career) and what fun it was to see everything that challenged or confused me in the text lambasted on stage.

This show was exceptionally funny. I wish I could remember specific jokes to quote in this review, but they were TOO. LEGION. Comedic timing was impeccable every step of the way and I could not tell what was improvised or scripted. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much respect for the audience acknowledgement of Brecht used so accurately and tightly. There were so many moments that were magical. What a fun show.

Mackers! is just one more excitingly brilliant piece of theatre in a city that tragically underrates the art.

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