A Life Behind Bars

solo performance · lastage theatre co. · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show


“Watching Dan Ruth prance, sashay, and tumble across the minimalist stage at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood in his magnificent one person play, “A Life Behind Bars,” was a mind bending emotional roller coaster ride. This production written and performed by the star is as honest and fulfilling as any show seen this year. Touted as ‘A Tour-de-force’ performance when it played off Broadway, this Fringe Festival entry is way above the rest." NoHoArtsDistrict.com

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“Storytelling can be casual. It can be challenging. It can be insightful. Stories can be funny, sad, inspirational, depressing or so many other things. When you find a performer who can seamlessly blend aspects of all the above into a single, insightful show… there is reason to celebrate. Dan Ruth is such a performer.” myhauntlife.com

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“Highly impressed with the alternately hilarious and despondent Dan Ruth in “A Life Behind Bars.” Brad Schreiber

“A tour de force black comedy!” QLife Los Angeles

“A Life Behind Bars” is a hilarious & seedy tour-de-force roller coaster ride of after-hour whiskey shots, horror films and rock & roll. Dan Ruth shares dark comic monologues, interwoven with characters he’s encountered while working & drinking in the bars & dives of per-gentrified NYC with universal results. From a NYC Health Inspector, to a Brooklyn “new money” hipster, to a Hell’s Kitchen-Andrew Lloyd Webber-loving piano bar denizen, to his own alcoholic celebration and fall, “A Life Behind Bars” shines an incredible light on two decades of NYC bartending with an incredible message of survival.

Winner of the 2018 NYC Bistro Award for ‘Outstanding Solo Play,’ the 2018 Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs Award for ‘Best Spoken Word Artist,’ the 2018 ‘Martha Hill Newell Playwright Fund Award’ and the 2016 United Solo Festival Winner for ‘Best Autobiographical Show.’

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* Fringe Veteran