Will You Accept This Rose? The Bachelor Parody Musical

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“Hilarious and delightful! The dialogue is quick and full of jokes, the lyrics are sharp and the music is catchy. Great cast—easy and fun to watch.” – Certified Reviewer

“You don’t have to be a fan of The Bachelor or even know anything about it to be entertained by this show. Go see it while you can!” – Certified Reviewer

“The writing was absolutely brilliant, so many good choices made, and the songs were catchy and hilarious. I had such a great time, laughing my way through every moment! I would definitely see it again, this is the kind of show I go to the theater for!” – Certified Reviewer

Last season on The Bachelorette, Tad Vialendyk Jr. III got his heart broken by America’s sweetheart, Marabel. Now he’s been offered the chance to find love from a group of smart, beautiful, amazing, and beautiful, also beautiful women. With the help of longtime host Fitz Garrison, Tad and the ladies will take you on the musical journey of a lifetime. Who will accept his rose and a potential proposal?

With songs like “One Man, So Many Women,” “Hometown Hoedown,” and “Can I Walk You Out?” it’s sure to be the most dramatic Fringe yet.

This production is independently operated by OMG Brunch! Productions. It is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with ABC or anyone associated with The Bachelor.

Becca Grumet, Madelyne Heyman, and Will Robertson

Becca Grumet and Madelyne Heyman

Madelyne Heyman

Becca Grumet

Production Team

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