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June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: Positive · imaginative

What I liked

I thought the ensemble worked well together and that the production made very good use of the minimal sets and props of the Fringe stage. I especially liked the guitar song that the performer played and sung onstage live as part of the action. I thought the use of the split-level stage was used with great dramatic effect in a crucial moment in the story. (No spoilers!)

What I didn't like

I think the music and the lyrics deserve a live musical accompaniment—even if that is a piano or a three piece band. I know this is sometimes hard to do at Fringe but I think it would showcase the singing far more and the actual songs themselves. I found myself wishing I could hear it all more clearly and to best advantage.

My overall impression

Monkey Mind reminds us to live in the NOW—and what power and happiness and calmness that decision means. Weiss delivers a personal philosophy that has been her mantra in a spirit-driven musical in an imaginative and engaging way. It brought to mind a sort of a modern Alice in Wonderland of the psyche!

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