solo performance · soaring solo llc · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 04, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Star! She did amazing job at the writing and gave such an outstanding performance besides all the technical difficulties she had. I love that she didn’t make a huge spectacle about her first experiences with sexual assault… sometimes people can feel driven to dramatize and heighten these moments to where they feel so unreal. Star did not do this, it eased from one scene right next to the other and that was so different to see and I really appreciate the simplicity in that. I found myself laughing so many times even though the topic of discussion isn’t any laughing matter. That is just a testament to Star and her ability to perform.

What I didn't like

I wish there was more movement throughout the piece. I really enjoyed the dance at the end and thought the whole piece could have used more physicality and expression of the body. Her use of the stage was really well done though and felt dynamic! Also I thought transitions could have been sharper from story to story.

My overall impression

An intimate yet funny and heartbreaking performance by Star. Star does an amazing job of showing how little moments in a young woman’s life will affect her overall. She explores topics that may be uncomfortable for some people to watch but she does it with such bravery, ease, and confidence that you can’t help but root, cheer, and connect with her.

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