American Conspiracy

ensemble theatre · cyanide theatre · United States of America

world premiere

Set in the early 1980’s, American Conspiracy is the tale of two families and one violent event—A daughter trying to save her family’s run down diner, a son attempting to save his family’s collapsing oil company, and an assassination attempt on the President of the United States of America. These stories collide and converge with another to explore the ultimate conspiracy: The American Dream.

A new drama from Benjamin Schwartz & Matt Ritchey (Creators of ANGEL’S FLIGHT: Best Cabaret & Variety Winner 2016-Top of the Fringe Nominee 2016).

Inspired by the story of John Hinckley Jr., and the secret meeting between Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush.

What the critics are saying:

“Deftly written…Begins like a Zen Koan and concludes like a bear trap…a well delivered, sucker punch of a play deserving a gold medal.” – Ernest Kearney,

“Brilliant cast…You should definitely see this show.” – Bob Legget, Indie Voice

“Incredibly well-done… Direction by Matt Ritchey really holds this together.” – Tracey Paleo,

Performance Dates + Times:

Thursday – May 31 – 10 PM – SOLD OUT

Saturday – June 9 – 4 PM – SOLD OUT

Monday – June 11 – 8 PM – SOLD OUT

Sunday – June 17 – 12 PM – SOLD OUT

Friday – June 22 – 10 PM – SOLD OUT

Saturday – June 23 – 6 PM – SOLD OUT

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Production Team

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