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solo performance · brown hill productionz · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States of America

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June 28, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: solo · experimental · hilarious · dance · insightful

What I liked

Though a mostly movement-based, abstract piece about women’s roles in society and a more grounded exploration of writing your mother’s eulogy might seem like an odd pairing, the two shows worked beautifully together. Alyssa Virker’s Simulakra was bizarre, in your face, and simply stunning, an absurd deconstruction of societal expectations and searching for your true self, not simply checking a behavioral box. Angela Beevers’ My Dead Mom’s Funeral started off more straightforward, but her stream of conscious tangents, truly biting dark comedy, and emotional resonance rounded out the evening perfectly. Great show, highly recommend.

What I didn't like

The “Stairway to Heaven” transition was one of my biggest laughs of the night, and it was a little diminished by the shift into “Cotton Eyed Joe”, although that provided its own gleeful absurdity.

My overall impression

Two engaging, experimental, and insightful solo shows, performed by two writer-actors with strong stage presence and wonderfully weird approaches to their craft.

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