Barking Pig

theatre · orgasmico theatre company · Ages 18+ · United States

includes nudity world premiere

-L.A. Weekly

“The eight member ensemble led by J. Scott as the vengeful psychopath and Asher Lyons as the scummy con artist is sheer perfection…”
- Les Spindle, LA Weekly

“There’s betrayal, loss, beatings, theft, prison, music, the loss of small town America, and a beauty pageant. It’s all just so lovely and sad and complicated and, most of all, hilarious. The audience did not stop laughing and it wasn’t from the whiskey, either.”
- Ceebs Bailey, LA Splash

“CRITIC’S PICK …A sublime guilty pleasure.”

“The Barking Pig is dark comedy at its best.”
-Nataly Chavez, Campus Circle

“There was even one hilarious moment which shocked me and had me laughing quite hard behind a hand clapped to my mouth.”
- Kora Kaos

“It’s Keyser Soze meets Waiting for Guffman.”
- Jonah Ansel

“Linguistic gymnastics and great laughs!”
- Amanda Ely

Victor is coming to the Barking Pig to kill one of the tavern’s seven patrons.
Who will it be? What is his motive? Is there anything this band of outrageous drunken nincompoops can do to escape the infamous Victor’s wrath?

Sit back and watch the pandemonium unfold in the Thearico Orgasmico’s World Premiere of THE BARKING PIG (written by Michael Shaw Fisher and starring Asher Lyons) which is sure to be one of the most bawdy, dastardly, and certifiably original theatrical productions at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Bring a date, a friend, or a pretentious colleague you’d like to see squirm. Laugh ’til you cry or cry ’til you laugh…but beware…

Victor is coming…

Starring: Asher Lyons, Thom Vacca, Alexandra Stocks, Aaron Buer, Blake Adams, Maria Pallas, Teresa Wierzbianska, and J Scott.

for further details about THE BARKING PIG please contact Michael Shaw Fisher
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OR Asher Lyons
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Production Team

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