Narcissus & Echo

mount olympus · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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NIKKI MULLER certified reviewer June 11, 2017
Essentially a mythical version of "Hair" that centers on water scarcity, Narcissus and Echo is performed with bold confidence by the entire ensemble-- any moments of story that aren't immediately clear to the audience are entirely made up for by the brisk, decisive performances that pull us along, even if we aren't entirely sure of what direction that might be. I really enjoyed the ride.... full review
COLLEEN SCRIVEN certified reviewer June 12, 2017
Narcissus and Echo is as intellectual as it is playful. It's a smart and timely reimagining of Ovid's myth, expanding on the idea of vanity in the age of selfie-addled activism. The performers are all so funny and engaging, making the moment the play's message snaps into focus all the more harsh and powerful. I love the choice to use bodies and movement in place of props, it makes sure not a drop of this cast's stellar potential is wasted. An added bonus is the music which has been stuck in my head for days- but I've got no complaints. ... full review
BEKAH WRIGHT certified reviewer June 14, 2017
Well thought out story, paired with ideal casting and energy that made this audience member feel as though pulled onstage and part of the mix.... full review
HOWARD HO certified reviewer June 22, 2017
So much fun goodness! A delightful and woke retelling of the Greek myth!... full review
MAUREEN LENKER stage raw certified reviewer June 18, 2017
This show blew me away. The direction is crisp and has resulted in a throbbing, exhilarating, transcendent ensemble. They dance and move together as if they've been developing this musical for years rather than a few months. It feels much more polished than your average Fringe show. What's really remarkable is that the entire cast works together so well as an ensemble, but when they get their solo moments they also excel -- you end up loving every character because they're so unique and compelling. The music is fantastic as well -- catchy and fun, it does an excellent job of telling the story and the cast all have wonderful voices. I truly can't imagine having a better experience at Fringe than seeing this show.... full review
TEAGAN ROSE certified reviewer June 11, 2017
tagged as: Narcissus · Echo · Narcissus and echo
A MUST SEE! Fun and entertaining? YES. Hilarious and touching? YOU BETCHA. Creative and filled with mic drop moments. OH YEAH. So happy I went and want to see it again.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2017
This play is fantastic, I think anyone will thoroughly enjoy it! I especially loved the hilarious performance by David Dimitruk playing Amenius and the inspiring performance of Liriope by Tessie Barresi.... full review
SHEER AVIRAM certified reviewer June 12, 2017
tagged as: smart · funny · innovative · exciting · talented · lovely · great · touching · warm · great ensemble
The magnificent writing married this mythological tale with current events and modern language so well - It was seamless, to the point and real, without losing the lightness of a musical. I can't recommend this show enough.... full review
BILL MIKULAK certified reviewer June 12, 2017
tagged as: musical · Mythic · dance-tastic
Great energy and a clever mad-up of Ancient Greek myth and modern environmental concerns. The show was fast-paced, tuneful and well choreographed. The young cast was enthusiastic and professional.... full review
KELSEY FARESE certified reviewer June 13, 2017
You know those shows your friend invites you to and your counting the minutes until it's over?...yeah- thats not this show. The quality of this production from a content, talent and entertainment perspective is a 10 across the board. Not one second of the show is lagging. The quick pace, witty dialogue and seamless transitions make this a show coming out for. I hope to see more work from this director/writer/producer. ... full review