Narcissus & Echo

mount olympus · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 22, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

what can i say about this cast!

Ben Horwitz has the visage of Michael Shannon, the hair of Adam Devine and the energy of Jack Black. a powerhouse combo of actors merged into one man. what?! YES.

Rishi Arya is a deadpan artist that infuses another dimension of humor to the otherwise more effusive cast. i don’t use ‘lol’ often, but i lol to this man.

Jetta Juriansz has some pipes on her. and some really nice moments with an adroit timing for comedy. she anchors the story, and has an expressive range that made me constantly looking to her throughout the course of the story.

James Ferrero has a charisma and voice that had me rapt. something very fluid, organic and present about him, but with a kind of clever playfulness that always had me brighten up whenever he’d come onto a scene.

David Dimitruk busts out some vocal jiujitsu with a kind of verve both musically and dialogically that had me doubling over. he’s got the energy that’s perfectly matched with Ben Horwitz, and the pair are awesome together.

bottom line though, every single one of the actors in this cast were a pleasure to watch, and purposed in the telling of this story. so fun!

What I didn't like

nothing i can think of. it’s sold out, so stand in line and buy up the dumb comps’ seats that don’t show up to this hilarious production.

My overall impression

it was a lot of people on stage yet they still managed to choreograph quite an impressive series of movements.

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