Why We Become Witches

solo performance · vinegar tom · Ages 10+ · United States of America

one person show
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BRET SHEFTER certified reviewer June 24, 2017
You probably don't often think of the word "charming" in connection with the word "Satan," but this show is indeed absolutely charming. An interesting concept, with one of the best performances I've seen this Fringe. Creative sound design for a one-woman show, with all other characters represented only by pre-recorded voices. In addition to being clever, this allows Ms. Wyatt's brilliant reactions to take center stage. SO good! Some people might not appreciate the subject matter, but I did and I would recommend this show to anyone else who does.... full review
NIKKI MULLER certified reviewer June 01, 2017
tagged as: witty · period · Feminist · short · funny · Acting · solo
This was a nice cake pop of a show-- meaning it gives you a tasty and satisfying bite of a specific story from a specific time in a very compact and enjoyable way-- while it is listed as around an hour, tonight ran faster, which is never a bad thing for fitting in more shows. Lisa was fascinating to watch and really transports the audience through her interactions with recorded voices that stand in for an oppressive family. Her comic timing is spot on. The writing is excellent-- classic dry wit with lots of memorable turns of phrase, and really takes you to another time. I liked it, above all, because it tells a story not often heard-- of women who want to be left the fuck alone, and will happily go to extreme and "evil" measures to get that... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2017
Light, funny, charming, purposeful.... full review
MICHAEL FONTAINE my haunt life certified reviewer June 06, 2017
Why We Become Witches is the story of Laura (or Aunt Lolly as she’s known to her niece and nephew) trying to take back her assertion. We see just how much Laura is taken for granted by her family when all she wants to do is be left alone and to be independent and to do her own things on her own time. With that constant badgering, she enters into a deal with the Devil as it’s the only way she can really get what she wants. This is a show about standing up for yourself and gaining your confidence back. This is a one woman show (starring Lisa K. Wyatt, who you might recognize as Kevin’s girlfriend on “The Office”) with voice recordings of other actors. Not only can you feel the disappointment and struggles she faces on the daily, but you can se... full review
JACQUELINE BURBANK certified reviewer June 05, 2017
tagged as: witches · solo · Feminist · humor · wit · period piece · london
A love letter to the quiet pleasure of solitude and a story for every woman who has ever run away in order to save herself. ... full review
LINDEN WADDELL certified reviewer June 10, 2017
tagged as: poetic · charm · well done · Worth seeing
Very well presented, a thoughtful piece! A quiet and a nice respite from today's hectic pace. ... full review
TERRY ANNE HOLZMAN certified reviewer June 07, 2017
This well-acted one-woman show was adapted from a 1926 feminist novel: "Lolly Willowes: or the Loving Huntsman" by Sylvia Townsend Warner and its message is just as relevant 91 years later. (And Lolly's appeal for a "life of one's own" came three years before Virginia Woolf called for her own room.) I was drawn in by Lisa Wyatt's lovely performance and the supernatural dimension of her family's voices emanating from a cathedral-style radio, but the play feels too short. I hope it can be expanded to further explain Lolly's pact with Satan as well as more details about "why (and how) women become witches".... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 10, 2017
I was walking out of this show saying "Y'know, I've seen a lot of really good modern theatre with fun scripts, good material, and poignant stuff." But WITCHES has a GORGEOUS, lush, poetic script with beautiful imagery delivered with pitch-perfect poise, grace, and style by Lisa Wyatt - it was a reminder of what great classical theatre done right felt like. A simple yet evocative set, great direction by Kate Motzenbacker, and fun use of props and audio (allowing nuanced reactions from the sole actress in the show), WHY WE BECOME WITCHES was a surprise of truly great theatre this evening. I cannot recommend it enough!... full review
ELOISE COOPERSMITH certified reviewer June 11, 2017
Terrific - go see it! ps its not really about witches- and is a wonderful journey.... full review
TARA DONOVAN certified reviewer June 11, 2017
A really enjoyable show! There is humor, emotion, and a good cheeky story. ... full review