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one person show world premiere
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June 04, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: powerful · primal · Raw · furious · passionate

What I liked

So impressive was Andrew’s force of energy all throughout the show. I believed his anger, passion and loneliness. His accent for Klaus was polished and quite convincing. The number of intricate sound and lighting cues that had to be right on the mark moved the show along at a brisk pace. It was over before I knew it.

What I didn't like

I wouldn’t have minded if “Klaus” made somewhat more of an effort to talk frankly with us, the audience, to connect with us on a basic human level. As if to invite us into his lonely torment. Perhaps a moment or two of tenderness, what was once loveable about him to all those women who must have fallen for him in the beginning.

My overall impression

I felt that Andrew was riding a tidal wave of collected information about Kinski’s life, like it was a bucking bronco, just hanging on for his life, raging from emotion to emotion, raw primal lust and power with all its highs and lows. It was quite an explosion of energy all throughout the show.

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