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Trump in Space- The Musical

musicals and operas · texpat productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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JP KARLIAK certified reviewer June 17, 2017
Hilarious fun with references that hit the mark on so many levels. Catchy tunes and delightfully "Fringey" stage choreography and sound effects really make this a highlight of this year's fest. Must see!... full review
KATHERINE MURPHY certified reviewer June 17, 2017
What a blast! I'd be surprised if this doesn't make "Best of Fringe." And, no, I don't know anyone involved in the production. The story, choreography, and harmonies were tight. The actors were totally committed, and seemed like they were having fun.... full review
AMEY GOERLICH uncertified reviewer June 17, 2017
I like that there are people thinking about what to do next once the earth blows up. What a fun space opera. So glad I got a chance to see it.... full review
JESSICA LYNN VERDI certified reviewer June 18, 2017
tagged as: humor · politics · musical · space
You guys... this. show. is. GREAT! For those that may be shell-shocked just seeing his name... do not be deterred. This show is super far in the future... and... not that it isn't about Trump, it offers a more keen perspective on how his presidency divides us... in a funny musical no less! Make time to see this show. It has a brilliant future ahead of itself, even though we all home someone else... *ahem ahem* might not. Go investigations, go!... full review
ANDREW HOLMES uncertified reviewer June 18, 2017
tagged as: silly · bouncy · funny
This is just great, silly fun with a cast that acts and sings their hearts out.... full review
KATE DUFFY uncertified reviewer June 18, 2017
This show was a blast! The cast is phenomenal. The music is amazing and MAN, can this cast sing. Such a great production top to bottom. Well done!... full review
COREY RITTMASTER certified reviewer June 18, 2017
Loved it! Script is funny, songs are catchy, cast is terrific. ... full review
BRENDAN WEINHOLD certified reviewer June 19, 2017
tagged as: fun
Lots of fun! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2017
Fun, funny parody of a parody of a parody with mashups thrown in!... full review
MITCHELL ROEDEL certified reviewer June 19, 2017
tagged as: Love
A taser-sharp comedic triumph. The critical sci-fi nerd in me was extremely satisfied by the details. In particular the restraints and the recurring elevator gag. ... full review