Charlatan: Secrets of the Victorian Psychics

cabaret & variety · scalding tea productions · ★★★★★ · Ages 12+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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“Arguably the most controversial and divisive show at the Hollywood Fringe this year!”

“A departure from traditional theatre … ‘Charlatan’ is an interesting mix of history, charlatanry and real phenomena – with a touch of theatricality”

“You won’t find anything else like it at Fringe this year”

“If you enjoy spectacle, audience interaction, and adorable British hosts, you’ll be sure to enjoy Charlatan!”

“The final trick with an audience member being summoned on stage to choose a Tarot card gave me the creeps … he is going to wind up with a lawsuit on his hands”

“Iinteresting … informally dressed … and his showpiece, hypnotizing a pretty girl from the audience”

Scalding tea productions presents at the LOUNGE THEATRE in the heart of Hollywood’s Theatre Row:
A bold evening of mesmerism, clairvoyance, and thought-reading straight from the Victorian parlour! British scientist and sceptic Dr Mark Gasson demonstrates how the most prevalent myths of the Victorian psychics still define what we believe is possible and even challenge our very sense of reality.

Your host makes his United States debut by delving into the murky world of Victorian fakery, trickery and fraud. ‘Charlatan’ uncovers the scams and shams of the Victorian Psychics by bringing them back to life for a modern audience and revealing how we are still hardwired to believe against our rational judgement the lies and half-truths.

“This is not vaudeville! This is not a play!” Charlatan’ is fueled by psychology and deception and relies on interaction with the audience to create unbelievable events that we choose to believe nonetheless.

Highly recommended to the ardent admirer of the English accent.

CHARLATAN ~ An exposé of the methods, means and manifestations of the Victorian psychics

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