Somewhere Between Cosmo and the Bible

solo performance · independent · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Lola’s countless heavens. A cat that looks like Hitler. Abandoned train tracks dividing the “east” and “west” sides of town. Taglish. Southern Baptist churches. “Model minorities” in post-9/11. A series of journals collecting dust on a forgotten bookshelf…

Inspired by true circumstances, Ruth Isabel Guerra shares fantastical and awkward stories of growing up as a Filipina in the American South. This is a one-woman performance told in five chapters, featuring pages from personal journals and multi-media art. Come experience tales of being young, feeling lost, and ultimately, the power of storytelling in the journey of healing.*

*some stories involve themes of graphic violence and sexual assault.

(In respect to patrons and fellow Fringers performing at this theatre, all shows will start exactly ON TIME and late seating will not be allowed. Please arrive to the theatre early. Parking is tricky in the area, so Uber or Lyft is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.)

Production Team

ruth isabel guerra *

writer & performer

lauren arnold *

marketing & pr

* Fringe Veteran