Home Girl

comedy · written by & starring tess middlebrook & abra s. moore · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 13, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Abra and Tess….Wow.

What I didn't like

The acting was so understated, comic timing exquisite and clear choices BUT was upstaged by props and costumes. This is a big Fringe problem. Set pieces and costumes could be more accessible so the transitions are more flawless. I trust the actors will be working on streamlining this. I think the end could have a more positive button but that is being nit-picky.

My overall impression

This show has a delightful concept where the lead character is played by BOTH actors and the other one plays the other character in each scene. IT isn’t confusing at all and so well done it really points up a feeling of the lead being an “every man” sort of figure. They also keep it clear if a character is recurring in that the same actor will play THAT character again to avoid confusion. The opening scene is flawless as we meet our lead flying back to Boston and this horrid woman sits down that is so intensely negative the audience is IMMEDIATELY on our heroine’s side. We have all been there and it is a brilliant way to start the show. As the show progresses we meet people that are unimpressed by our heroine’s Hollywood life and those that are VERY impressed. The mother/daughter relationship NEVER falls into traps of over sentimentality….that said….there IS sentiment and that note is just lovely. Acting is such a treat and the give and take is spot on. Go see it!

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