Two Motherfuckers on a Ledge

ensemble theatre · wisdom tooth productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 17, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: GO!

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Engrossing performances in a brilliantly written two-character play about the ethos, origins, and inspirations behind what makes a hero. Beautifully directed with a clarity and simplicity that uses more body language than blocking to manifest the struggles both characters have as their inner layers are uncovered. Ronn Johnstone and Veronica Wiley are great together as patient and therapist as Johnstone’s “Allyn” reveals that he’s read the opening chapters of Mattie’s PhD thesis on the “hero” and is hurt by her theories. Allyn, troubled and a clear danger to himself, is extremely intelligent and well read, and is obsessive in his feelings and knowledge of the culture of heroes, both real and comic book, touching on experts from Joseph Campbell to Nietzsche as he states his case for wanting to be a hero himself – and perhaps fly. Wiley as “Mattie” plays the self-effacing ‘this saving-someone’s-life situation might be too big for me at this point in my young career’ with skilled truthfulness as she covers up her terror that one slip could become a terrible tragedy. I loved the writing of this play and the strength and brains of both characters. There was a constant visceral energy in them, outward from Johnstone’s Allyn and inward from Wiley’s Mattie. It was a total pleasure to hear them theorize and defend theories until the theories turned to personal stories and discoveries. Highly recommend. Go!

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