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The King's Language

ensemble theatre · yejin-ham productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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MICHAEL SUN LEE certified reviewer June 10, 2017
Very interesting subject matter... full review
LAUREN GORSKI June 11, 2017
tagged as: historical · musical
This is a great, simple story about a time and place in history not many people think about. I loved the format of the narrator and how she interacted with both the audience and the story. ... full review
BRENDA BANDA June 11, 2017
It was thoughtfully created and quite smart. This show needs to travel in schools to educate!... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 12, 2017
Educational, fun, and fascinating, The King's Language is a great show for all ages. It's simple, short, and very fun to watch.... full review
SUNYOUNG PARK June 12, 2017
tagged as: historical · educational · comedic · Korean
Chris Yejin's exciting new play The King's Language, the uplifting story behind the invention of hangeul, the vernacular and democratizing Korean alphabet, is rendered as a tight political argument that is at once inspiring, moving, and powerfully comedic. The whole cast puts in a wonderful performance, with Junesoo Ham portraying King Sejong, a Confucian Renaissance man, and Zoe Kim doing some standout acting as a court jester who frequently sings over drums and interacts with the audience. There is a deceptive simplicity to this absolute must-see of a play. It is a short piece that packs an astonishing emotional and intellectual punch through a magical blend of historical reenactment, social theory, comedy, and traditional costumes and mus... full review
Loved, loved, loved the play! It was sort of a powerfully realist, political theater that made me think of our common narratives of modernity, its beginnings, and its defining events. It is typical to locate the inception of our modern world in "famous" historical processes such as the Italian renaissance, the scientific advancements of Europe in the seventeenth century, or the French and American revolutions of the eighteenth century. This is all correct, but The King's Language reminds us also of King Sejong's introduction of alphabetic writing to Korea in the fifteenth century. It was a transformative act of democratic politics that, as such, deserves to be included in our narratives of progress and political modernization. Chris Yejin a... full review
EDWARD HONG the nerds of color certified reviewer June 15, 2017
tagged as: educational · moving
Despite the show placing a heavy emphasis on the educational value rather than the emotional one, the show is a remarkable and unique play about the Korean king who created the Korean language. It is also extremely relevant to the current political situations in the U.S. now but you will have to see the show to discover that for yourself :)... full review
RYAN KOLBE certified reviewer June 17, 2017
I was blown away by this performance. It's very hit-and-miss with some Fringe shows, especially when a particular subject matter isn't widely known...but I was so excited to have seen this show. I can't recommend it enough - the costuming was incredible, the message was surprisingly poignant to the modern day, and I learned something! Win win win!... full review
JAY DECATOR certified reviewer June 17, 2017
A fun and educational play about the beginnings of the Korean alphabet told through acting, song, and dance. Historical setting and period costumes are juxtaposed with 4th-wall breaking and splashes of current slang.... full review
BEN BOQUIST June 18, 2017
I love the show! It's well written, will directed, well staged, and well acted. The storyteller and the kings were standouts. She for her charisma, her wit and her comic timing. He for his intensity, his empathy and his charm. Seeing this, I was reminded of Lin Manwell Maranda's Alexandra Hamilton. The king here is idealistic, Young, a genius and compassionate. It made me want to learn more about this historical figure. I also love the storyteller, and the way her character was able to draw parallels between current Socio economic struggles and those of the 15th century. Her last line, delivered to "the people of the future" was harrowing and profound. I also love the visuals in the show. The beautiful costumes, the white curtains, in ... full review

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