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MexiStani! Growing Up Mexican & Pakistani in America

solo performance · sofie khan · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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PETER FLANIGAN certified reviewer June 04, 2017
Mexistani! is a funny and powerful one woman show that speaks to the modern American experience. Sofie brings to the stage not only her own humor and talent but also brings alive the colorful characters of her family. Run, don't walk, to see this show! ... full review
AMANDA CONLON certified reviewer June 05, 2017
Must-See-Fringe!... full review
NORMA YANEZ certified reviewer June 05, 2017
Bravo!! A must see! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 06, 2017
Funny! Poignant! Impactful.... full review
SEDITIOUS APOSTATE THEATRE COMPANY, LLC certified reviewer June 10, 2017
tagged as: personal · one-woman show
Personal accounts are best received directly from the source. This is one of those moments that you should not miss.... full review
ESTHER MIRA certified reviewer June 12, 2017
Sofie Khan is a masterful storyteller who had me in a whirlwind of emotions. A true tour-de-force, I was fully engaged the entire time. Sofie weaves a beautiful story which includes her life growing up, her parents and her experiences being Mexican and Pakistani among other things. She commands the stage in such an energetic and passionate way, it is quite wonderful to see. I loved watching her story unfold in front of my eyes. Do not miss this show! Only one performance left!!!... full review
TERRY ANNE HOLZMAN uncertified reviewer June 09, 2017
One of the ten Fringe Scholarship winners (awarded to shows that expand and diversify the Fringe community), charismatic comic Sofie Khan grew up with a Mexican Catholic mother and a Pakistani Muslim father in a predominantly Black and Puerto Rican Chicago neighborhood. Such a multi-culti stew makes for a deliciously funny and poignant solo show. Creating a solo show is not easy. It takes more than having a charismatic performer and good story. Sofie adds projections, a rap song, impersonations, audience participation...all of the elements add up to a theatrical and highly entertaining show. It was so entertaining that the serious themes (growing up mixed race, acceptance, LGBTQ issues, Islamophobia, homophobia, arranged marriages, tole... full review
LINDEN WADDELL certified reviewer June 10, 2017
tagged as: intimate · warm · revealing · interracial
Glad I saw this - you will be too! Interesting to get her perspective and discover her experiences. Important messages throughout.... full review
BOB LEGGETT indie voice blog certified reviewer June 18, 2017
Our early pick for Top of the Fringe! See our full review at Indie Voice Blog.... full review
ELIZA GIBSON certified reviewer June 19, 2017
Sofie Khan has a powerful stage presence and tells a very engaging story of growing up bi-cultural and being bi-sexual in the US. Her sensitivity, understanding and willingness to bring voice to her very personal story of multiculturalism in today's world where unnecessary persecution remains far too common is both refreshing and much needed. She does this all with warmth and genuine connection. Sofie also has a damn good rap and a great sense of humor! ... full review


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