Apathy Killed the Cat

n/a · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Colin is a neurotic and successful playwright whose plays have become well known for their dark themes and morally questionable characters. Hoping for solace with his mother and beloved cat on the verge of death, Colin writes a massive play chronicling his entire life. Colin has no intention of anyone reading the play but himself, as it reveals all of his hidden desires, but when his girlfriend and brothers discover a copy of the play, he sinks into a deep depression, and is forced to confront the dark secrets contained within.

*Nominated for the Spirit of the Fringe, Never in a Box Award

What Critics have been saying:

Kurt Gardner of blogcritics.org:
“Although Lisman is not yet in his mid-twenties, his writing here displays an impressive depth. His characters are convincing, and he incorporates some provocative fantasy sequences to represent the traumas in Colin’s mind. The performers all fulfill their roles well, especially Stall and Woodley, whose edgy relationship is essential to the piece. Lisman’s direction is effective, particularly during the surreal fantasy sequences.”

Michael Van Duzer of Stage Happenings & Showmag:
“Playwright/Director Ryan Lisman delights in pushing boundaries and exploring controversial subject matter in clinical detail, he has interesting ideas and a very personal point of view.”

Russell Eaton of MyHauntLife.com:
“The wonderful thing about Apathy Killed the Cat is frank and awkward adult conversations about sexual desire and the ramifications of acting or not acting on such desires. As the situation alternately offends or titillates various members of Colin’s immediate social circle, the idea of shaming someone turns into an exploration of why certain desires exist in the first place. We all have desire… and the heart does not choose what it wants, it just wants. As the brothers and Colin’s girlfriend explore the past, the revelations of what endears each of them to each other are quite touching even as it threatens to destroy their relationships.

Weirdly balancing fantasy, comedy, heavy drama and some truly awkward family dynamics along the way, this piece is a call for people to simply respect one another and try to understand each other without irrational judgment. The is one of the most positive shows I have seen so far at Fringe, even if that positive message is hidden amongst some very dark ideas."

Other comments:
“it was a memorable experience that should be commended for its bravery and unique point of view.”

“What shines most about Apathy Killed the Cat is the writing. The story takes the well-tread concept of family reunions during a crisis and takes it to surprising and often shocking new places. The characters are meant for the stage and the actors who embody them take on the delicate job of taking the written word and bringing those characters to life with an in-your-face kind of vibrancy that makes you appreciate their depth and well-crafted arcs.”

“Apathy is a unique theatrical experience. It combines traditional dramatic elements with more experimental, Avant-Garde elements for a truly immersive hour and a half of theater.”

production team

ryan lisman *


petey vandehei *

stage manager/choreographer

brandon baruch *

lighting designer

* Fringe Veteran