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one person show world premiere
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WILLIAM JOSEPH HILL uncertified reviewer June 01, 2017
For a one-woman show, I always like to see a master storyteller take stage. This show definitely is a great demonstration of masterful storytelling. With Jennie Fahin's characterizations and Tom Cavanaugh's masterful direction, you will be totally entertained and touched! Thank you Jennie & Tom for taking me on this journey!... full review
LEDA SISKIND uncertified reviewer June 01, 2017
A bravado performance that mines the comic flair, poignant insight and talent of this actress. ... full review
AMY JENNINGS certified reviewer June 01, 2017
Very well executed, entertaining, deep and moving, I felt there were several people on stage.... full review
PATRICK DUNCAN certified reviewer June 02, 2017
This should be on BROADWAY!... full review
LAURA HUNTT FOTI uncertified reviewer June 02, 2017
Brilliantly acted and directed, passionate and moving. Will make you look at your own mother from an entirely new perspective.... full review
DOMINIC OLIVER certified reviewer June 02, 2017
Jennie Fahn is a powerhouse! I've seen her in a few shows and always enjoy her acting. This more personal piece (which she wrote) is especially fabulous and she's amazing in it. She made the audience laugh, feel and cry in a brief hour as she recreated her memorable mother. Her performance is honest, authentic, unforgettable. Best of all, our writer/actor guests, who don't know her, think it's the best solo show they've seen in years! Bravo Jenny, director Tom Cavanaugh and sound designer Corwin Evans, for a special evening.... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) gia on the move and footlights certified reviewer June 06, 2017
tagged as: comedy · mother-daughter
Highly recommended!... full review
JESSICA JILL TURNER certified reviewer June 10, 2017
Funny, moving, wonderfully written and powerfully performed. The scenes, as opposed to the narrative text/monologues, were especially stellar. Believe the hype. This show is awesome. Go. ... full review
JESSICA LYNN JOHNSON uncertified reviewer June 17, 2017
Captivating, charismatic performer. Endearing exploration of mother daughter relational complexities. Polished and dynamic characters. Wonderfully written, beautifully directed. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 18, 2017
tagged as: challenging · revealing · honest · committed.
We thought it memorable and Jenny Fahn sensational; she is funny, vulnerable, and heart-breaking. ... full review