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The Trouble With Words

musicals and operas · coeurage theatre company · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

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ALAN KARLIN June 12, 2011
I grew up with my mon playing all great shows. My Fair Lady, Carousel, King and I, Westside Story. It was not until Rent that the music not only was memorable, but meaningful and performed superbly. I now add this show to that category. This easily will be the next standard of new shows newly presented. Every actor performed their songs beautifully and the harmonies with the musical arrangements were awesome. Only hope that someone of merit will see this show and give the reviews it so deserves so that it can be performed on a larger scale. The "Best Musical" since Rent. Alan Karlin... full review
JAKE GREEN June 14, 2011
One of the rare opportunities to say "I saw it when" before this show is known by millions.... full review
SUSAN BURNS June 18, 2011 The Trouble With Words, Gregory Nabours' new song cycle about all of the things people want to say, cannot say and choose not to say, debuts this month as part of the sophomore year of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The talented cast, made up of Coeurage regulars as well as a few new faces, finds their voice while portraying a series of characters in unrelated scenes, each tied only by the urgency of having something to say. Some of the songs are touching, some are cheeky, but all are memorable. Opening with an ensemble piece setting the theme for the evening, the show quickly breaks down into a series of solos and duets. The onstage musicians provide the onl... full review
CHRIS HAYHURST June 15, 2011
If you are looking for a wildly fun and fresh musical, look no further. Simply put, this show is stunning from start to finish. The songs are smart and sassy and are so original they seem to come from thin air. While this is a collection of songs without a direct storyline, the characters are realized with a certain vibrancy. The songs themselves can stand alone easily but are arranged in a way that they carry you on a journey. As a Theatre goer, I was amazed by the arrangements and the raw vocal and acting talent of the cast. As a performer myself, I'm jealous of those involved because this show is going places. I liked it so much that I want to use some of the songs for audition pieces. Don't miss it or you'll be sorry when everyone i... full review
NICK ROCZ June 16, 2011
I am not one to normally post my reviews in a public way. I am picky about what I like and even more so about what I actually enjoy when it comes to live theater. This show, however, has made me rethink this. I am constantly in search of new and provocative material and this one meets the grade. The basis of this show is a musical review. Six performers take you through their journey with new and inspiring music, along with the help of one talented musician, Gregory Nabours. His music is the stuff audiences think about after and performers clamber to sing themselves. It's funny, dramatic, insightful, and touching. The direction for this piece is equally flattering. Patrick Pearson allows the music to take us on a journey, rather than the dir... full review
ELEANOR PERONI June 19, 2011
I was so, so not expecting this. Not at all. When I hear "new musical", a dozen red flags shoot up in my head. This show (the gorgeous musical especially) gives me so much hope for the future of theater in Los Angeles. This show is a diamond in the rough. Top notch all around.... full review
STEVE WILEY June 19, 2011
Great musical writing, great chorus and the over all experience top notch. Lighting was great, and orchastration wonderful. But needs assistance in the sound seperation of voice and music. The costumes....need lots of work and improvement.... full review
MATT RICHTER June 22, 2011
Probably the best original musical I've seen in a very long time. Like Jason Robert Brown, but with better harmonies. As the title suggests, the show tackles the difficulties that come with language. Terrific singers, an amazing band, and fantastic songs make for a wonderful theatre going experience. ... full review
GEORGE HOAKE June 19, 2011
Beautiful. Superb musicians and a great group of singers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a cast recording. Slightly limited by the space itself, but that's not at all a critique of the production itself.... full review

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