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solo performance · m3/aio productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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MTV Cribs meets Grey Gardens as Christian Georgescu sets off verbal pyrotechnics in HOUSE of ME, a kaleidoscopic blend of Metaphysics, Pop-Culture and Mom. After a transformational experience, our host cares for his mother while trying to piece himself back together. A heartfelt tale of a unique mother-son bond. RSVP for a tongue-twisting, pill-popping, foot-stomping romp through the psyche. Come for the tour! Stay for the Meltdown!

Humor at its best: first disarming the reader with charm and wit, then hitting hard with truth that alters perception.
- Emilia Fuentes Grant, The Pedestal Magazine It’s Animal but Merciful Review

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Have you ever lived with someone and it didn't work out? Like a manic, time-jumping fever dream- Bobbie and August recreate all of their highs and lows of their relationship. Only, they have differing memories and perceptions of the events.

Acid Wash Love

College Seduction.... As the characters seduce each other with food, well... Written by Chambers Stevens. Directed by Victoria Hoffman.