Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

immersive theatre · some company · Ages 16+ · Norway

world premiere

“Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale” peeks into the animated lives of old objects languishing at a charity sale. These items reminisce about their glory days yet desperately hope to gain a new life with new owners—the audience.

This is the world premiere of a staged adaptation of the live action role playing (larp) event written by and translated from the original Norwegian by Martin Nielsen and Magnar Grønvik Müller.

Audience members are invited to the stage to “purchase,” with fake money we provide, objects at a charity sale, affecting our talented improv ensemble. The audience is not required to come on stage, it is strictly optional. But we sincerely hope you will.

Each performance differs, as object-characters purchased will not return—YOU get to keep the object you bought.

We welcome your donation of an object to be a character in the next show! If you bring an object**, you can take $5 off the ticket price using discount code ITEM, and we will attempt to turn the item you donated into a character in a subsequent show (based on number of objects we receive). This discount is ONLY AVAILABLE VIA TICKETS PURCHASED HERE.

This object might go to someone new, or, if you return to see your object as a character at another show, you might be able to “buy” it back!

Ticket sales at the door are cash only, and no discounts offered.

Please note that the June 16 (11pm) show will feature adult-themed objects.

Be at the Theatre 30min prior to curtain. Fringe shows start exactly on time! We allow seating up to five minutes after showtime.
Parking is a challenge, consider taking a Lyft and a carpool!

  • You must be able to carry the object up the stairs by yourself. One object per person only. DO NOT bring anything organic, hazardous, illegal, made of glass, or inappropriate for anyone under 18.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran