A Little Hamlet

comedy · the crescent troupe · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly
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June 05, 2016

What I liked

Everybody gets into the act in this Shakespeare spoof when Will is trying to get his great work staged and half the cast have skipped rehearsal. Glimpses of great drama come through as the costume lady who has dreams of being an actress does Gertrude; the good looking guy keeps the action going with his Method; the producer’s daughter finds the whole idea of playing Ophelia a lark, and, in a tribute to historical accuracy, Will himself plays the Ghost. Even a theater critic jumps in, as Laertes, since aren’t they all frustrated actors at heart? Even if you hate Shakespeare you’ll love this madcap gang, The Crescent Troupe, who mutilate him then salute him in equal measure.

What I didn't like

Half an hour? Hamlet is usually 4 hours!

My overall impression

Fast moving and FUN!

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