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Theatre and Chill?

comedy · bag o' bones · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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A hilarious night of new dark comedy shorts on life, love, hate and human imbecility. Like Netflix and Chill, old school style. With BAG O’ BONES Collective Producing, award winning Raegan Payne Writing, Tinks Lovelace, Peter Madison, Eric Toms, Jess Nurse, Hayley Perkins, Francesca Gamez and Doug Harvey Starring, it’s for real.

Play 1- “Sweet Nothings”
A woman makes the most mind blowing sexual discovery of her life. Unfortunately, her roommates won’t leave her alone to enjoy it.

Play 2 – “Ill Informed”
Olivia is really bad at living.
Owen is really bad at stalking.
And now they are going to meet.

Play 3 – “Things Unsaid”
A date translated into English.

production team

* Fringe Veteran

A True Story About Transendent Love

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