The Human Test Subjects

don't ride the reindeer productions · Ages 21+ · United States of America

“The all-female cast were smart, quick, fun, and creative”

“I wholeheartedly applaud the company’s purpose in its creation and its goals.”

“Clearly working to give the audience a great time.”

Who are these Fringe reviewers talking about? The Human Test Subjects, of course! Come see our encore performance so you can be in the know!

Originally funded by UCLA as a way to educate students on the effect of comedy on mental health, this improv troupe is quickly making a name for itself around L.A.

You’re probably wondering how we came up with such a clever name (thank you!). Our checks from UCLA were labeled: “Compensation for Human Test Subject”, which should tell you a lot about our sensibility.
So, come see the craziest improv troupe you know. Come touch some taboos with us.

Production Team

stepy kamei *

executive producer/performer

* Fringe Veteran