MetaFam: a solo show by Deana Barone

solo performance · the telltale company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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DAL WALTON certified reviewer June 19, 2016
tagged as: inventive · funny · one-woman show · creative
A strong show by a unique voice and a talented performer. Not only a fun and poignant performance, but also refreshing--and I'm not just talking about the orange slices we all got to enjoy.... full review
PARIVASH AKHAVAN certified reviewer June 20, 2016
very touching and heartfelt show…i loved it!... full review
PHIL WARD certified reviewer June 12, 2016
If you want to have an actor play with your eyes, ears and heart by transforming into other people, and play with the mystical side of your brain as well, go see Deana's show. If you don't want those things, go anyway.... full review
BRENDA VARDA certified reviewer June 21, 2016
A warm engaging representation of a difficult family, with an immersive performance that entertains through honesty, details, and great acting! Deana is so present with truth and talent. ... full review
SARA BRAGIN certified reviewer June 25, 2016
My heart right now is speaking a language that's hard to translate into words. And yet, it wants so much to reach out and let you -- and everybody in the world -- know how much I LOVED and LOVE MetaFam, the show, and MetaFam, the family. Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. You. Your sweet/fierce vulnerability. That mischievous smile. So many just-right voices and postures coming out of your perfect body. I even fell in love with the audience. It's all so fresh and new -- and yet so easy to resonate with. I laughed. I cried. You made me feel important to what was going on onstage and I felt lucky to be there. What a wonderful combination of the artful and heartfull. Can you believe it -- spell-check tried 37 times to get me to agree to saying he... full review
TERRIE SILVERMAN certified reviewer June 11, 2016
Compelling, entertaining characters with moments of beauty & poignancy. Deaaa is a powerhouse on-stage ... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 09, 2016
A great way to spend an hour watching one of our Los Angeles story tellers at work. Funny thing is, this work seems like play and that's a good thing ! Go! ... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY the tvolution certified reviewer June 11, 2016
Deana Barone is a wonderful actress, and her one woman show offers some insight into the personal history that nurtured that talent. Her show is a touching homage to that furnace in which we all are forged, the family. What comes across the strongest in Barone’s presentation is the tenderness of these people, who are flawed, who bear with suffering, but who are family nonetheless. Within the insanity of that relationship lays the cross all humanity must bear, a cross that is the crux of both our source and sanctuary. Barone’s show is somewhat soft on solid central structuring, there is an audience interaction aspect that could perhaps be dropped, and the issues she seeks to deal with are misty, but her performance is unadulterated and ve... full review
GRINNELL MORRIS certified reviewer June 12, 2016
This is a show to see.... full review
YUHAN KAO certified reviewer June 11, 2016
It was so good! Just amazing!... full review