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musicals and operas · s. claus · Ages 21+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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June 06, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

It is the BEST night out I’ve had in years! Go SEE this show!!!!!!

What I didn't like

What I didn’t like about Ruby, is that I wanted MORE!!!! I 100% loved this production! Not 99% ..100 %!!!!!

My overall impression

Tap your red heels together and JUST see it! You will thank me! It is HILARIOUS!!!!!I am a huge fan of Scott’s last 2 productions. Xtacy and Sin. But Ruby, blew me away!!! It had so much humor and heart, that I felt I wanted more. The music was exceptional. The story was fun, provocative, and told in a clear, but insanely entertaining way. I was laughing from the beginning to the end. I mean hard, genuine belly laughs. I’d love to say more about specifics that made me howl, but that would be a spoiler alert. The acting was top notch. Ruby was gorgeous and so believable, and overall FUNNY! as were ALL the rest of the cast members! If you are looking for a fun NIGHT OUT, YOU ARE IN FOR A REAL TREAT! Go see Ruby. You will laugh , til it hurts. And you will walk away wanting MORE!! I want a sequel.

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Can we ever stop paying for the past? Can the person we want to be ever escape the person we are now and were then? What price must be paid for not only our own crimes, but those of people close to us?


Sometimes love becomes transparent, but is it too late? Through the course of one evening, Nick and Alysha ultimately remind themselves how deep their love is. A knock on the door, however, brings the world crashing down around them.