The Cellar

ensemble theatre · nbt productions · Ages 30+ · United States of America

world premiere

“The dialogue is sharp and fast-paced; the drama builds like a Greek tragedy.”

Love is a maddening and complicated game of wits and deceit. Wine tends to level the playing field.

There are fewer things more dreaded in the civilized world than being at a party with your friends and, in the same room, your ex. That is until, you get locked in the wine cellar downstairs from that party, alone with the one that use to have your heart.

This two hander play takes place in real time. Come voyeur in on two people’s most raw and private moments as they battle through the scars left by their break up.

They are in a wine cellar though… so the more they drink, the more truth comes out. And isn’t it easy to fall back into old patterns when you hit that slight inebriation? Even when your logical side is screaming at you, the wine and the heart will drown that sound out. Leaving only your rawest reactions and your need for the truth.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran