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Revolutionary Love

ensemble theatre · international collective theatre · Ages 13+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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SARAH CARMAN certified reviewer June 13, 2015
I don't make a point of seeing much theatre in LA... past experiences have shown me that in this town many of the actors, writers, directors - you name it - are involved in theatre merely as a means of finding an agent or showcasing their work, as opposed to being involved solely out of love for this particular storytelling medium. That mentality permeates a show and cheapens it. Revolutionary Love does not have this problem. At the start, writer/director Fulya Diner introduced the show as a passion project, a dream come true for her. The house lights went down and the stage lights came up, and I was introduced to Turkish poet and peaceful revolutionary Nazim Hikmet and his lover, Piraye Hanim, via a series of letters and poems penne... full review
DOGAN OZMEKIK uncertified reviewer June 13, 2015
This is really fantastic play which helps us to get a quick look about one of the most important Turkish poet's life, struggling and suffering times as he was sentenced in prison and his separation with his love of his life that makes us rethink the people who kept in prison only because of the way of thinking or the way of their beliefs. It's well adapted,well played ,heartfelt true life story.I enjoyed every moment of it and really recommend it to see it. The actors'performances were hilarious and it's a fresh start to introduce international poets' stories to share with a larger audience. ... full review
BRIAN FELSEN certified reviewer June 16, 2015
Such a great work. Extremely impressive how the director was able to fabricate a coherent and compelling narrative about Hikmet's feelings and experiences in prison, entirely out of his poetry - and she did so without being overly sentimental. It manages to convey the value of perseverence and conviction to people even without any prior background on the subject. Especially impressive were the two actors, with Elif Savas as Piraye, displaying a wide arrange of talents (acting, dance, and playing violin) and Bryson Jones Allman, who displayed an astonishing range of emotion and make Hikmet come alive. Highly recommended. ... full review
GUEBRI VANOVER uncertified reviewer June 17, 2015
I had never heard of Nazim Hikmet until 'Revolutionary Love'. I feel I was introduced to the man and his life, his love, his words and his world though the poetic compositions, intimate staging and deliverance through through the actors, Bryson Jones Allman and Elif Savaş. Fulya Diner transmutes her own potent passions in her direction and retelling of this heartbreaking yet courageous story of Hikmet. This was an introduction I will never forget and will be ever grateful to know that this man existed and stood for was what every human is entitled to; the expression of their deepest soul. Thank you to all involved in this piece and your labors of love. It is what art is all about. ... full review
ZOMBIE JOE uncertified reviewer June 18, 2015
Absolutely Fabulous! Thoughtful, historical, emotionally charged and beautifully theatrical...A perfect Fringe offering - not to be missed!!... full review
ADAM SHOWS certified reviewer June 18, 2015
I usually don't go to theatre much but now I'm still getting the feel of the scene, I thought I'd check this out to see what's up. I have never heard of Nazim Hikmet until I saw this show, "Revolutionary Love." It was very nice to see a show where I'm introduced to this poet and a bit of the culture that he was in. It was very moving and poetic. I'm really impressed with the director as far as adapting this show inspired by one of the letters from Nazim at the time. I also have to give it to the main stars of the show, Bryson Allman & Elif Savas, because their performances were fantastic and really carried this show along through emotions and music. I hope that this becomes a new start for introductions of other poets out there to share thei... full review
ALEX DEMIR uncertified reviewer June 18, 2015
Revolutionary Love blew me away! This powerful work filled me with rage and sadness while at the same time inspiring the hell out of me. Bravo to all involved! Very glad that i got to see this amazing play!... full review
DENIZ CAKIR uncertified reviewer June 18, 2015
Being from Turkey, I am familiar with Nazim Hikmet and his work. I've heard his poems from different -well known to voice his poems- people, read them myself... but I don't think I was ever captured like this before. Piraye's (Elif Savas) singing and violin playing adds more emotions to the play. I was really captivated by the performances. I truly felt Nazim's (Bryson Allman) longing for his country, his despair and sorrow in my heart, like I had never heard his words before. I wish there was more of it. Thanks again to Fulya Diner, Elif Savas and Bryson Allman!... full review
SCHKAPF SCHKAPF uncertified reviewer June 18, 2015
Revolutionary Love is an act of love by a committed creative team. Intimate, tender, with moments of passionate potential the show is performed by two actors truly serving the supertask or reason for the play's existence. A simple staging and design allows for the man and his poetry to be center stage. Unfortunately I knew nothing about Nazim Hikmet and felt like I knew little more after seeing the show. This is not always necessary - I'm not advocating for biopic theatre - but it felt very much that this was the desire of the show's creator, and so I was left wanting to truly understand a man who wrote some gorgeously inspiring words, words that are necessary now more than ever. "If I don't burn, if you don't burn, if we don't burn, how wil... full review
BARAN AYDOGAN certified reviewer June 20, 2015
tagged as: Love · revolution · nazim
This play took me from the theater in LA all the way back to my home Turkey. Being grown up with Nazim's poems and singing the songs written with his words, I cannot express how intense an experience this play was for me. This time it was not only about hearing Nazim's words though, it was more, it was seeing Nazim (Bryson Allman) and feeling how he was really longing for his home and his love Piraye (Elif Savas). It felt like I have never been as close to Nazim before, for that I sincerely thank Fulya Diner, Elif Savas and Bryson Allman.... full review