Hollywood and Broadway: Gloria & Tallulah Talk

comedy · teatro de la o · United States of America

FIVE STARS…“It is a wonderful, magical production.” – Examiner

“The set is sumptuous. The costumes are eye-popping. The acting is over-the-top. The action is non-stop. This is all perfectly aligned to produce a fast-moving 80 minute comedy.” – Discover Hollywood

“Hooray for Hollywood and Bravo to Broadway!!!” – The Hollywood Times

New York City – 1951: Hollywood collides with Broadway in this hilarious world premiere comedy. Set in 1951 at the famous but now defunct Hotel Astor in New York City, legendary stars Tallulah Bankhead and Gloria Swanson are set to receive the prestigious Page One Award for Entertainment. Both actresses are introduced by Ms. Aileen Pringle but with a snooping butler and a overeager reception clerk, mayhem and lunacy ensue as both actresses compete to be the diva of the evening.

Production Team

ricardo mora *

production designer

olivia choate *

tallulah bankhead

christina lemon *

aileen pringle

danny menendez *

thomas reilly bradford

octavio carlin *

writer/director/costume designer

kat brower *

gloria swanson

steve pope *

lighting designer

* Fringe Veteran