Orson Welles & Scatman Crothers in 'A Hollywood Ending'

ensemble theatre · pachyderm productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ELIZABETH COLLINS certified reviewer June 08, 2015
What a hilarious and intriguing show! I had to Google to make sure it wasn't a joke that Orson Welles was in the Transformers movie in 1985. BUT it was true. I imagine David Castro's script is pretty accurate in terms of some of the conversations that took place. He takes advantage of the humor of the situation, but also takes the time to address two men who spent decades in Hollywood and how they felt about the changes or lack thereof. And both actors portrayed these men with striking accuracy. Go see it!... full review
GORDON MCKEE certified reviewer June 08, 2015
The final role for both Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers was in a second-rate animated movie based on a Saturday morning cartoon? Hard to imagine but true and playwright Castro has a great time imagining the two Hollywood greats meeting at the audition. Well conceived and written, it's hugely entertaining throughout. There's no bad acting but the man who plays Orson Welles is really terrific. Come and see this play!... full review
KRISTEN JOY BJORGE certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Highly, highly recommend. An exquisitely enjoyable snapshot into two stalwart figures with excellent writing and performances. Even if you think it's not your cup of tea, you're wrong. Please buy a ticket to this gem you will not want to miss it!... full review
ROBERT ROSEN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
a trip to film buff heaven.... full review
JANET MILLER certified reviewer June 15, 2015
This show was great! The storytelling was topnotch, and I enjoyed the lively banter between the characters. Excellent pace. Good work all. ... full review
VICTORIA ENGLUND certified reviewer June 11, 2015
Great performance by both actors. They both brought Orson & Scatman to life. Thanks for the great entertainment...👍👍... full review
KATHY MCCONKEY certified reviewer June 15, 2015
A fascinating exploration of a hypothetical situation... but one that COULD have happened. A well-written script executed by two excellent actors. Would recommend highly. ... full review
JAMIE WILSON certified reviewer June 16, 2015
This show is hot-to-trot, for realzies! Beautifully acted, well written, hysterically gut wrenching and clever... what a fabulous piece. If you don't see anything else at Fringe, see this. I walked away wanting more. ... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 18, 2015
tagged as: dark · comedy · non-fiction
Wholly entertaining, thought provoking and poignant. Ready the full review by Benjamin Schwartz at Gia On The Move (official press) http://giaonthemove.com/2015/06/16/gia-hff15-reviews-orson-welles-and-scatman-crothers-in-a-hollywood-ending/... full review
DAVE EGAN certified reviewer June 27, 2015
I had the great good fortune to work with Orson Welles on one of his last projects: a magic special planned for BBC TV. My theater companion was a friend of Orson's who spent quite a bit of time with Wells in his last years. This show brought Orson back to life for both of us, and was worth the price of admission solely for that reason! But there was so much more to admire than that. While wisely not attempting an impersonation, Rob Locke has the physical presence to remind us of Welles, and even looks shockingly like him at times. And Dennis Neal's Scatman is a true gem, lighting up the stage with his quick impressions of other great black performers from entertainment's Golden Age. This show's plot brings Orson together with Crothers, a no... full review