House of Rabbits - Charivari in Voyeurville

praxis limited · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

“I highly recommend checking out this weird, weird show… it’s like Pippin on acid… directed by Fringe Favorite Brandon Baruch.”

-Kurt Gardner, ArtsBeatLA





The townsfolk of Voyeurville are blissfully ignorant of their fellow neighbors’ transgressions until Lady Windowmirror, the local gossip queen, reveals some startling observations from atop her secret spy tower. Their curiosities thoroughly piqued, the citizens begin spying upon each other as well. When certain dark secrets are uncovered, judgements and criticisms begin to spread throughout the village like a plague until slander, ultimately turns to murder.

Charivari in Voyeurville is an epic tale of murder, suspicion, and love thrown asunder. Whose words can we believe when they all lead to the noose?

Featuring live, original music from Hardcore-Vaudeville/Art-Rock band House of Rabbits and performances by Post Mortem Movement Theatre.

Music and Story Created by House of Rabbits
Book by Jess Gabriell Cron
Choreography by Angela Lopez and Andrea Luna
Developed by Praxis Limited with House of Rabbits

Directed by Brandon Baruch and Kyle Johnston

Produced by Max Oken

Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch with Thomas Schneider
Scenic Design by David Offner
Costume Design by Laura Wong
Technical Director: Max Oken

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran