The Inside Edge of the World

comedy · fist the mountain productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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AMIN EL GAMAL certified reviewer June 16, 2015
tagged as: solo performer · new plays · bizarre · quirky · dark humor · dogs · mystery · cult
Michael Lopez is a captivating performer with a unique presence and a gift for making the most bizarre, darkest circumstances warm and human. This play exemplifies this; you'll have no idea where it's heading, but you'll be grateful you went on the ride and honored to have Mr. Lopez as your guide! ... full review
JAEGER CHRISTIAN certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Wow! I really enjoyed "Inside Edge of the World." Michael has written a challenging multi-perspective performance piece, and pulled it off splendidly. He creates narrative drive and dramatic tension with incredible creativity, and balances the dark with the light exactly when it's needed. I highly recommend this show!... full review
CHARLOTTE CHANLER certified reviewer June 13, 2015
I loved this show. It was super different, and there were moments where I thought 'what the hell is going on!?' But, it was engaging and interesting to watch from the moment it began. Excellent story telling, and there was one visual cue that will literally blow your mind and make you feel like you are tripping on acid and fell down the rabbit hole, which I highly enjoyed. Great job!! ... full review
PATRICK ALLOCCA certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Really enjoyed this one! Highly original! ... full review
SERIINA COVARRUBIAS certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Michael has done a fantastic job making both an interesting and entertaining show. It's a one man show so he does all of the characters and he does them well. I never knew where the story was going so it was quite an enjoyable ride. I highly recommend that you see it. ... full review
ANDREW AMANI certified reviewer June 16, 2015
Odd and disturbing in a riveting way...... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 20, 2015
I'm not going to say I understand everything that was happening in this show, (cuz once I hear a talking dog I think immediately of David Berkowitz, which might be the point)... but one thing's for sure, you will watch a talented guy go back and forth between characters and a crazy story with such assuredness and fluidity, the story can take a back seat. This Michael fella is no joke. One of the strongest actors I've seen on the stage this fringe. And the directing was very well done. The opening was fascinating... and there were many other moments of note. But as a whole, if you want to see true commitment and an exploration on a stage, this is the show to watch. Now please... tell me... is this guy hallucinating all of this or are all thes... full review
KURT GARDNER certified reviewer June 20, 2015
tagged as: surreal · dark · solo show · serial killer · dog · suicide cult
Intriguingly oblique and primo Fringe. Check out my interview with the creatives on Bitter Lemons.... full review
DAVID CHAN certified reviewer June 22, 2015
I had no idea what to expect since he was keeping us is suspense in a very humorous way. When we saw the show, we were immediately thrown into his world as he specifically carried us from scene to scene. Even though the space was mostly empty, my imagination was activated to see all the visceral things around him. The different people, his companion, and the character's curiosity. He definitely kept me captivated with his energy and his performance which just reminds me how great of an actor and artist he is. Great job and great show!... full review
JAMES BANE certified reviewer June 23, 2015
A must watch! So original. An incredible deep and wondrous, dark journey. It's akin to Inferno with Dante and his guide Virgil, but instead it's Michael and his dog buddy. So many unique characters' stories told through one actor. Keep my attention the whole time. ... full review