solo performance · erin carere · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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GARY BOOHER uncertified reviewer June 14, 2015
No, I don't hate opera, and I went to see how an opera-trained singer became a stand-up comic with many singing styles. Although the journey was sometimes charming, it was marginally funny and not unique, and the singing voice is overpowering (= loud and not subtle). Nevertheless, I enjoyed it as short and light entertainment.... full review
EMILY DONN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Very charming and entertaining from beginning to end.... full review
LOU BLACK certified reviewer June 14, 2015
One of the most unique things I have seen at the Fringe so far. An eclectic talent who can sing pop and opera with extremely great results. It was a fun ride, irreverent and honest. ... full review
AURORA ATKINSON certified reviewer June 14, 2015
tagged as: storytelling · opera · stand up
Hilarious, touching, brave and completely entertaining! This show was so fun to watch. The writer/performer deals with real issues (damaging relationships, eating disorders, suicide) and uses music and jokes to prove life's most tragic moments can be just as beautiful as they are devastating. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves opera, storytelling or sex (which pretty much includes all of us, right?)!... full review
ANZU LAWSON certified reviewer June 15, 2015
I wanted more! Beautifully directed by Nell Teare. An intimate look into the daring journey of finding one's self through music, men and food by multi-talented Erin Muir-Carere. A bold and relatable tale for many who have found themselves up and down and around the long and winding road to an authentic self and stardom. I appreciated how honest and brazen it was. I loved the clever and uplifting usage of multi-media. The finale brought the audience to an amazing Standing Ovation as we were swept away by Erin's soulful operatic voice piercing our hearts with pain, passion and a wonderfully twisted sense of humor. You are sure to be left inspired!... full review
TOM MESMER certified reviewer June 15, 2015
Inspiring, funny, heartfelt - absolutely beautiful performance by Erin and sharp direction by Nell. Go see it!... full review
THOMAS MARNELL certified reviewer June 15, 2015
Stand Upera was such a charming mix of comedy and music juxtaposed with a journey that just can't help but feel intensely genuine. Erin's performance is a beam of light on a dark stage, immediately drawing you in to the humorous obstacles and lovers that have helped shape her career. There's something for everyone here. Highly recommend!... full review
MORNA MURPHY MARTELL certified reviewer June 16, 2015
Ladies and gentlemen – she does Standup, she does Cabaret, but most of all she does Opera! Now there seems to be a rumor that people are fed up with opera, or they don’t like it, or they hold their ears when the fat lady sings, but don’t buy it. It’s delightful fun when stand-up Erin, in often vulgar language, tells us of the adventures (sexual and otherwise) that have brought her to this point. Everyone laughs when she equates high notes with farts. BUT. When she changes into a slinky grey silk gown, with gloriously white featured wings, and delivers her final number, Puccini’s Nessun Dorma (the tenor’s aria) the rafters ring and this listener grieved the loss to opera of this fantastic singer. What a voice. Forget the laughter, forgive the... full review
JULIA HEWITT certified reviewer June 21, 2015
This is a beautifully honest show filled with comedy, raw emotion and a fabulous musical talent. I felt connected to the artist on the entire journey. Erin has you laughing and crying at the same time. The hour flew by and I would LOVE to see it again.... full review
JEREMY SAJE uncertified reviewer June 21, 2015
Told through humor, heart, and song, this is a great story of one woman's journey to discover who she is and what really makes her happy. Erin keeps things light even when tackling some intense subject matter. This results in keeping the show entertaining and utterly fun, while being poignant at the same time. All I can really say is "BRAVA!"... full review