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CHRISTINA NANNOS certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Assistants the Musical is a FANTASTIC show! It wonderfully depicts what life is like for the assistants in the TV/Film industry who are rarely seen or credited for their hard work. It tells a story that is easily bypassed to those who don't know what an assistant does. I, in fact, am a personal assistant and could relate completely and wholeheartedly to this show! The storyline was spot on, and the characters were wonderfully relatable. They took us on a journey filled with highs and lows of what life is really like out here in LA. The music and lyrics were heartfelt, as well as hilarious, and all around strong and captivating! Bryan Blaskie and Manny Hagopian are brilliant writers and lyricists. The harmonies in the songs gave me gooseb... full review
RAFAEL CANSINO certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Loved the show! I'm definitely not normally a musical theater guy, but the libretto was really relatable and fun for anyone who works in the industry. The musical scoring worked seamlessly along with the libretto and had some beautiful duets as well as quieter soulful songs which I really loved. The direction worked ever so smoothly to push the show along at a good pace, especially considering the amount of props/set pieces they had to work with, and the way some of the group scenes were orchestrated was also very clever. Overall it was a really fun show, definitely worth a look!!... full review
KEVIN YEE certified reviewer June 07, 2015
tagged as: song
A sweet show! Cute songs, some great performances, all wrapped up in a touching and obviously personal story. ... full review
BEN STAGG certified reviewer June 07, 2015
A great show! The acting and song writing are both good. I'd definitely recommend seeing it!... full review
KATHLEEN OBRIEN certified reviewer June 08, 2015
This musical was just as good as anything you'd see on Broadway! It made me laugh, cry, and I am still singing the beautiful and catchy songs a few days later. You don't want to miss this show!... full review
JOSIE ADAMS certified reviewer June 08, 2015
This musical is fantastic! It has so much heart, comedy, and painfully familiar moments from life in LA. The show has such a nice flow to it, and the story kept surprising me over and over again. The music stayed with me, the acting was wonderful, and the direction was superb. This is the Fringe show I can't stop telling my friends about, and if I can squeeze it into my busy Fringe calendar, I'm going try to see it again! ... full review
TIM HODGIN certified reviewer June 18, 2015
LOTS of fun!! Catchy, well written tunes, good performances from the acting ensemble (of 4) and a wonderful depiction of the life of assistants in LA. Excellent night of entertainment. Don't miss it!!... full review
JOSEY MONTANA MCCOY certified reviewer June 20, 2015
tagged as: fun · well-acted · catchy songs · lovely
Assistants is incredibly entertaining! The songs are fun and catchy. And while it's already a lot of fun, I'm excited to see where it goes after fringe! I think Assistants will only get better from here and has the potential for a great run after the festival. I can't wait to see what they discover and add to an already super-fun musical! ... full review
STEVEN STANLEY certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Anyone who’s ever worked as a Hollywood assistant, or temped, or had an entry-level job, or known someone who has done any of the above (which is just about everyone I know) is bound to enjoy Bryan Blaskie and Manny Hagopian’s fresh, funny, smart, tuneful new musical Assistants, now playing at the Hollywood Fringe. Click on "Original Article" to read my complete review at full review
ROZ COHN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
I loved the this show. The book was clever as were the lyrics and very catchy melodies. Terrific all around!!!... full review