Spiderpocalypse! A Low-Budget Horror Film for the Stage

ensemble theatre · eight legged productions · United States of America

world premiere
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LAURA MOTTA uncertified reviewer June 20, 2015
I was looking forward to this based on the posters... REALLY AWFUL and DISAPPOINTING. None of these people are going to be making a living off their talent. This one should not have made it out of the basement. A terrible showing by the lead actress whom I was shocked to find is also the writer and co-producer of this craptacular monstrosity. If this is the best she can do as a writer especially when writing a character for herself to play... It's time to rethink career choices. The acting overall was terrible and missed the feel promised by the advertising. Obviously, the many reviewers who gave this a thumbs up were "friends". Friend reviewers posting like that do a disservice to the theatre community and those people should be ashamed ... full review
BRIAN LIEBERMAN uncertified reviewer June 21, 2015
NOTHING REDEAMING. SAVE YOUR MONEY. I REALLY WISH THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS HAD SHOWN UP BEFORE I BOUGHT MY TICKETS! On that subject, if the positive reviews that were here were indeed friends of the show or worse, put up at the request of the show, "Shame on you!!!". Fringe is supposed to be experimental, low-budget, fun, etc. But, at its core, I believe it should be a safe place to be HONEST. My commentary on the show mirrors those of the other negative comments: If this is the best writing Donn can do to showcase her talents, both have a short shelf life whose date is already overdue. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SEND UP TO HORROR FILMS OF THE 50's, BUT IT IS STALE AS A PURPLE FRINGE VEST FROM THE 60's. My review of the plays Direc... full review
ROM WATSON certified reviewer June 14, 2015
tagged as: disappointing
Though often amusing and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, Spiderpocalypse is unfortunately not as good as the image on the flyer. The set, or rather lack of one, is ugly. Some of the actors took care of themselves and made sure they had decent costumes, but most did not. Lighting and sound cues were missed, and other technical aspects fell short of the desired effect, resulting in a creeping sense of lameness. Parodies need to be spot-on to achieve the desired effect, and very little in this production was spot-on.... full review
BRIAN CUNNINGHAM certified reviewer June 12, 2015
A great take on classic B movies. I really enjoyed the puppetry, the actors did a great job of bringing their battles with the spiders to life. The spider queen was also quite entertaining. Some of my favorite scenes were between Dan the barista and Joanna, the flip flop wielding cafe patron.... full review
PAUL ROGUS certified reviewer June 20, 2015
tagged as: disappointing
6/19 Unfunny and painful to watch as the ridiculous fun camp of giant talking spiders is hamstrung by some terrible scenes of domestic angst. Nothing like the poster. Did I and the other reviewers see the same play? Best moment was when someone dropped a set of keys and the actors actually talked to one another rather than taking turns announcing lines or screaming loudly. It's fixable though. The Barista "Coffee-man" and his Bateman Batman rasp was fun. 1) Let's see more fun improve style acting as ridiculous as this concept. 2) Clean up the story and staging - wasn't clear who the recorded voice over opening was for - I didn't care for that whole "family is #1" subplot anyway - it doesn't belong in this project and the show could cl... full review
HEIDI APPE uncertified reviewer June 22, 2015
Fun and adorable! ... full review
ROSS MARTIN certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: B-movie · spiders · comedy · genetically · modified
"Spiderpocalypse" was a fun, hip B-movie comedy adventure. Who hasn't thought about spiders seeking revenge on the humans after all the times we've squashed their cousins or brothers and sisters? And these spiders are genetically modified. Good use of current issues. Great idea. ... full review
MEGHAN MCCONNELL certified reviewer June 05, 2015
I was very excited to see this show and it did not disappoint, it is a lot of fun and super hilarious. There was definitely a lot of laughter going on. If you like old black & white, low budget horror movies, or even some of the more recent B movies of that genre, then you will love this play! Great concept, well written, and a fantastic cast who were obviously having a lot of fun.... full review
MARCIA PRYOR certified reviewer June 11, 2015
I love old-fashioned horror movies. This show delightfully (if a bit raggedly at preview) spoofs the genre. Lots of silly fun for the audience. ... full review
GENEVIEVE BRANCO uncertified reviewer June 14, 2015
I saw Spiderpocalypse on opening night and it was a packed house! It was awesomely cheesy, which I loved. There were some cheap laughs and some groaners which I expected. But what surprised me was the fast-paced, high energy script, which made the play absolutely enjoyable from beginning to end. If you're looking for some unsophisticated belly laughs and a light hearted experience, with a fun story line and cute characters, then I would totally see this play. It was good.... full review