Heidi Appe

Solo work online: www.youtube.com/c/heidiappe

Heidi is happy to be here! Favorite roles include Anjenai in ‘Flash Gordon: The Musical-the Play’, Elizabeth in ‘Fallen Saints: Salem’, Gymnasia in ‘Forum’, Veronica, ‘God of Carnage’ and Mrs. Meers, ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’. Recent film projects: ‘Debt of a Salesman’ (winner, Portland Comedy Film Festival), ‘I’m Not Chris Hemsworth’, ‘Extreme Measures’, and ‘Channel Surfing’.

Heidi is honored that her strange/fun solo filmwork hasbeen garnering awards on the festival circuit. You can find her on yt: youtube.com/c/heidiappe.

Often finding herself undead, crazy and/or evil, Heidi served as the ‘Comic Relief‘ Creepy Redneck for LA-based haunted attractions, and various zombies, undead housewives & mental patients for live events/film.

Thank you for your support!