Treya's Last Dance

solo performance · four rose productions · Ages 16+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

one person show world premiere
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SHARY NASSIMI certified reviewer June 08, 2015
tagged as: Shyam Bhatt
Although my GF's phone was on silent, the alarm went off and she almost died from embarrassment. I have to say Shyam was amazing at dealing with it. So with the play. What can I say other than AMAZING. Well written, but more importantly, amazingly performed. I wanted to hold her. Shyam has done an amazing human story in a witty, deeply personal and high dynamic performance worthy of the highest praise in her achievement of a blend of art, humanity, joy, pain and our lives reflected. Well done well done well done. Shary Nassimi... full review
ALBERT CHANG certified reviewer June 09, 2015
A few biases I had going in: - personal relationship with performer - predisposition to like theater performances - supporter of the LGBT community So I really enjoyed it for all those reasons. HOWEVA! I thought the play was really well-written and incredibly creative. I loved the speed-dating bit as a way of revealing the character and what she was going through. The ending was also really really good. I loved the last scene we see before it all fades to black. Shyam did a great job playing that part - it very sincere and emotional. The humor was well-done. I had a sincere laughs. My only criticism (hopefully it's constructive!) is that a few of the impressions felt a bit too angular - the transition to the impressions w... full review
LAMORNA WATTS certified reviewer June 09, 2015
tagged as: Wonderful
Fantastically written and performed. A truly difficult subject handled beautifully. Congratulations Shyam! You perfectly blended wit, humor and tragedy.... full review
MUNIKA LAY certified reviewer June 09, 2015
tagged as: Shyam Bhatt
What an impressive accomplishment! The writing was intimate and funny, the delivery charming and impeccable (what impressions!), and the story relatable and well-paced. I genuinely laughed and I teared up. Shyam touched on themes of death, identity, confidence, community, love, and relationships. Definitely go!... full review
LIZ RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 09, 2015
I really don't know where to begin! Shyam Bhatt wrote and starred in her own one-woman play 'Treya's Last Dance' which gave audiences the best emotional highs and lows to keep them engaged. Such a brave and talented actress to stand alone for one hour and literally entertain for every moment of it. A real must see at this year's Hollywood Fringe Festival! ... full review
MONICA PERCICH certified reviewer June 09, 2015
"Treya" captures you from the beginning and you stay with her, through many quirky characters to raw and honest emotion. This is a wonderful one woman show that shines with comedy and great character work and writing, but also has a deeper message and purpose. Check it out!... full review
MELISSA POLL certified reviewer June 10, 2015
Treya's Last Dance is a triumph! In this very personal story, actress and writer Shyamala Natarajan is strong, funny and palpably vulnerable. A smart and thoughtful look at love and loss in the twenty-first century, Treya's Last Dance is well worth the trip to Hollywood.... full review
RACHEL SHAW certified reviewer June 10, 2015
Fantastic. A passionate one woman show that eloquently addresses LGBT issues in the Indian community. Brings true awareness to an important cause. The only thing more endearing is the true raw emotion and enthusiasm with which the actress addresses her topic and audience.... full review
DENNICE CISNEROS certified reviewer June 13, 2015
Coming to a one woman show you come in with a perceived notion that the show will be too avante-garde that it becomes a joke; however I was pleasantly surprised and entertained and not once bored! This show is well paced, hilarious, and a tear jerker all at the same time. ... full review
THIENTAM NGUYEN certified reviewer June 13, 2015
Equal parts hilarious and poignant. Shyam's performance as Treya is so genuine and intimate that by the time the applause dies down, you'll feel as though you're cheering for a good friend.... full review