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Jason & (Medea)

la new court theatre · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 19, 2015

My overall impression

Superb. A stunningly satisfying theatrical experience. Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of Greek dramas, mostly because of the epic human themes they explore. But you don’t need to get off on masks and robes and the wailing and gnashing of teeth to appreciate the punch this show packs. The heart of the human condition of love – as well as the archetypal contrast between the sexes – has rarely been brought in to such clear light. The poetry playwright Jess Shoemaker employs masterfully combines contemporary vernacular with scientific theorems and socio-political ramblings (listen for the comments on Disney princesses and their improbable waistlines). Director Beth Lopes has staged this piece brilliantly, effectively interspersing naturalistic movement with stylized, hyper-theatrical shapes and gestures created by movement director Emily A. Fisher. Matt Glenn’s sound design is powerful, eerie, evocative of another realm of reality just beyond your ability to put it in to words. The entire cast was exceptional, and there was never a moment in the play’s entire 65 minutes that anyone was ever not fully engaged, connected to their scene partner and filled with their character’s intention. And Jessica Pohly’s fully-fleshed portrayal of the young Medea served to make her my favorite LA actress. Pohly has the most fascinating face and the most expressive physique I have seen on stage in forever. When people talk about an actor really “being in their body”, this is what they mean. Do yourself a favor and go see this show. It’s a truly astounding piece of theatre.

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