"SKANKY ME FROM KANKAKEE" - A World Premiere Rock Musical

musicals and operas · marc francoeur · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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RACHEL BICKLEY certified reviewer June 09, 2015
great cast! funny, punny, and everyone involved is very talented. Marc belted it out for 90 minutes straight, and the rest of the cast seamlessly managed several roles (and set/costume changes, to boot!) with aplomb. very entertaining : ) it 'filled my tanky!'... full review
CHERYL BRICKER certified reviewer June 18, 2015
While a very personal, 1-man-showish event, it was more irreverent fun than overblown ego. Marc is an open, boy-like spirit who is very engaging & has some pipes on him! Plus he's a very talented musical writer. The multi-role cast, all women playing both genders, fleshes it out nicely & makes the whole journey more relatable & less ego-driven. "Mom" has an amazing voice too, & the cast looks like they're having a wacky good time, operating skillfully in the intimate space. Great orchestra, long, beautiful legs doing high kicks, some surprising, colorful staged and sung shocks (to the more puritanical) that make for a good laugh. Maybe could've benefitted from an intermission. Had a very enjoyable evening, suitable of the Fringe.... full review
RICHARD GRAVES certified reviewer June 19, 2015
A Knock-Your-Socks-Off Production! If you want an entertaining musical at the Fringe, look no further! Here it is! Great live music, singing and acting, a very talented cast, and an interesting story with a great deal of heart and humor - all adding up to a fun and frolicking time at the theater! Folks, they are going to put on a show for you! And they're going to give it their all! Marc is a man on a journey, and this account of his struggles to find himself is one I believe everyone can relate to on some level. There are a few references to gay sex, always handled with humor and humanity, but it's not the dominant theme of this play. There is a well told, interesting, and meaningful story here. There's also a cast of beautiful, talented, a... full review
JULIEN MAGNAT certified reviewer June 21, 2015
a coming of age tale about a young gay boy growing up in the midwest in the 1970's, "Skanky me from Kankakee " is full of heart. Marc Francoeur's songs are beautifully crafted and the show manages to be both personal - it is an autobiography - and universal as we follow his young hero on a quest for love, acceptance and self-acceptance. With references to Big Jim, Charlie's angels and Barbie's dream house, "Skanky me..." Is a love letter to the 1970's as well as a heartfelt exploration of the constant balancing act you must accomplish to survive adolescence when you are "different". ... full review
MOLLY LAUREL certified reviewer June 15, 2015
This show is great! Moving real life coming of age story about a man from small town. The cast was so talented! The women (who act as kind of a Greek chorus and play all the other roles) were really terrific. The sets and costumes were minimal but helped tell the story.... full review
FELICE HEATHER MONTEITH certified reviewer June 17, 2015
tagged as: musical · funny · touching · awesome
Skanky Me From Kankakee ~ The Musical ~ was an awesome ride that flowed like "golden splendor"! I loved the premise and the journey Marc Francoeur, his cast and musicians took me on. The music, dancing, singing and subject matter was a delightfully fun and reflective tour through the pain and splendor of growing up, especially in "middle" America. Marc and his show Skanky Me From Kankakee showed that a bright and shining light can never be dimmed by ignorance and intolerance when you have a true heart. As Marc says in the show, "God likes my flare"! Well so do I and so will you. Go see this show! ... full review
JILL GARNESKI certified reviewer June 19, 2015
tagged as: Standing O · compelling · Brilliant!!
Do you want to Laugh? Cry? Move and Shake? Then make sure you see Skanky Me from Kankakee - it will make you do that and more! The sly wit and heartbreaking depth of the script is a stark contrast to the razzle-dazzle, knock down - drag out humor and energy that abounds. It blends beautifully with the original soundtrack that I genuinely expect will produce a couple of Platinum Discs. Marc Francoeur wrote and stars in this standout project. His compelling acting style is genuine. His feelings appear to radiate to the hearts of his captive audience. He is complimented by a very limber and talented ensemble cast and good background musicians. Marc Francoeur and Skanky Me from Kankakee are ready for Broadway. The Hudson Theatre is c... full review
KIM S. certified reviewer June 19, 2015
This was a really fun show, with delightful musical numbers and choreography, telling the story of a deeply personal journey through childhood and adolescence.... full review
KEI MEN certified reviewer June 20, 2015
Last year,when Marc from the Hot Tub Club originally told me that he was putting on a one-man semi-autobiographical musical review with live band accompaniment and that I should come, I knew that I must simply comply...Resistance was Futile. I had no expectations, and what I was to experience was utterly amazing. He filled the stage of the North by South Theater at St Mark's Episcopal in Glendale, and in a way helped us, the variegated audience, to somehow feel closer together in the process. The show had so many multi-faceted characters, all played by Marc and all deftly krafted and seemlessly switched and stiched back 'n' forth. It was enough to make Sibyll feel envious and shamelessly inadequate. (Thinking back on it, I am reminded of the... full review
PETER HAGEN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
As a straight guy born and raised in a big city, I found this story of a gay man growing up in the middle of nowhere equal parts moving, hilarious, sad, honest, and overall INSPIRING and BEAUTIFUL. Amazing, giving and raw performance by writer/composer/producer/star Marc Francoeur, surrounded by the sexy and versatile ladies of the ensemble who bring the story to life. With catchy and touching songs, my standouts were "Monkey on my back," and "Mission make Marc more macho," while "Black or white" brought a tear to my eye. Go treat yourself to the experience of "Skanky Me from Kankakee."... full review