"SKANKY ME FROM KANKAKEE" - A World Premiere Rock Musical

musicals and operas · marc francoeur · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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G BRUCE SMITH certified reviewer June 25, 2015
I really enjoyed "Skanky Me!" The musical was a fun way to follow the life of the main character as he came out as a gay man at various times and in various ways. The direction was fluid and kept the action moving, with a "chorus" whose members sang their hearts out and played various individual characters. Choreography fit the small stage nicely, and the small musical ensemble provided perfect back-up. A big thumbs up!... full review
ARIELLE DYKSTRA certified reviewer July 01, 2015
"Skanky Me from Kankakee" took me on a ride through all emotions. The stories made me feel like both an outsider and an insider and hit close to home. It put a huge smile on my face and the music made me wanna dance!... full review
BECKY MICKLETZ certified reviewer July 06, 2015
tagged as: musical · sexuality · Awareness · talented · vocals · band · vision · imagination · utilize · space
I was truly impressed with this show. Even though they worked with a simple set, Marc's descriptive writing and performance created a strong vision in my head of a more elaborate setup. The cast was extremely talented all around; with very fitting vocals. The addition of the band also helped really bring the audiences' imagination to life; especially for the television scene. Marc truly utilized his environment to the best of its ability, so I can only imagine what it would look like in full production! The show as a whole delivers an uplifting but very real depiction of sexuality struggle, primarily for a child/young adult. Bravo!... full review
RANDY FUHRMAN certified reviewer July 06, 2015
Marc was brilliant! Great theater a must see!... full review
GUADALUPE IVONNE MENDOZA certified reviewer July 05, 2015
Wha is the history Marc? SKANKY ME is a beautiful musical tha touches all your being and takes you from a huge smile to tears and again to a smile.The lyrics from the songs are beautiful although its a difficult topic, you come out of the theater with new goals and loving yourself and accepting yourself with your past. Thank you Marc for being brave and leaving this story for the next generation to come. You are such a wonderful person.... full review
LACEY ANZELC certified reviewer July 25, 2015
From the catchy title alone, one can deduce that this show is flare and fun infused. Marc Francoeur manages to take the audience on an engaging, emotional, and very real journey through his development from childhood through adolescence. A very difficult journey toward the self realization that he is gay is presented with a wit and momentum that is engaging from beginning to end. The original music is seamlessly incorporated into the story telling, and Francoeur's ability to maintain the level of energy necessary for delivering the fast-paced songs and rapid dialogue with heart and sincerity for a straight 90 minutes is quite a feat in and of itself! A big thumbs up to the ensemble of women in the show who all do a fantastic job of swit... full review