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Some Girl(s), by Neil LaBute

ensemble theatre · mahoobla productions · Ages 21+ · United States

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KENYON BROWN certified reviewer June 26, 2014
Highly recommended. Extremely strong acting all around. These people were all TOO real - it hurt (as it should...) (Good, strong, 2-fer well drinks for button holders, too - thanks!)... full review
MICHAEL BROWN certified reviewer June 26, 2014
Excellent; recommended. Many painfully familiar moments - on both sides of these interactions. Take your clueless-about-relationships friend with you! (And don't forget your ID - even if you look WELL over 21...the guy's just doing his job.) ... full review
ANONYMOUS REVIEWS uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
And the Fringe Award goes to... In all of my years viewing Fringe shows in New York or Los Angeles I always seem to find one show and an actor that stand out to me, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014 is no exception. Some Girl(s) Penned by the great Neil LaBute, is like an emotional interrogation of past lovers and girlfriends. The shows stand out performances belong to Gregory James (Guy), Rachel Parker (Lindsay), and Brianne La Flair (Bobbi) Gregory James does an exceptional job digesting the tedious mouthfuls of LaButes writing. His delivery is internal and refreshingly natural. The sheer amount of dialog that he delivers and had to have memorized for this role is impressive enough. But his internal discovery of the words is... full review
JUDITH LESSER uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
Stellar acting, a must see! These actors handle the language of Labute with ease and depth.... full review
AMI SARFATI certified reviewer June 15, 2014
I couldn't've been more delighted to watch Some Girl(s) by the Neil LaBute this past Friday the 13th. Despite the date's prescience with being unlucky, the talented performers knocked the show out of the park. The acting was stellar and fascinating; each actor bringing nuances to their roles that truly made the characters come to life. The entire cast deserves extra praise for continuing the performance with brilliance and gusto despite the cheers from the bar when The Kings won in the middle of the show. If you see one show through this year's Fringe Festival, see Some Girl(s) at the Three of Clubs in Hollywood. You won't be disappointed! ... full review
DAVID MALKI certified reviewer June 16, 2014
This show started very promptly! Right on time. Extremely on the ball. Also featured some amazing performances by very fine actors.... full review
KEVIN CAMPION uncertified reviewer June 16, 2014
Having only moderately enjoyed "Some Girls" - the movie, I was pleasantly surprised by the play at the Fringe festival. It's witty, dark and vastly entertaining. I especially enjoyed the third scene with the lady professor who turns the table on the self-absorbed, borderline dickish hero. That actress made a lot of strong choices and it was edge-of-your-seat riveting. But every performer is solid and by the end, just as a little fatigue was upon me due to the repetitive nature of the exercise, another strong performance, this time by the best friend's little sister, kept me engaged. Overall a very good time and one of the better shows I've seen so far at the Fringe. ... full review
JAMES ROBINSON uncertified reviewer June 16, 2014
Rachel Parker as Lindsay and Katherine Diaz at Reggie are the standouts in this production, the stage crackles when they are on it. Great work. The other parts are weighed down with LaBute’s bloated verbage (a page and a half on cashews, do you want some? No thanks, I guess I’ll have some, Gee, they are expensive, these cashews... Here I am eating peanuts, no, they are cashews... oh yeah, cashews, right.. cashews) Sigh… That might work on a London stage, with bolted on American British jokes and everyone comfortable in their seats, but in a Fringe setting where people are seeing multiple shows a day, it’s torture.... full review
PATRICIA ROENBECK certified reviewer June 16, 2014
This year one of the plays being performed during the Hollywood Fringe Festival is Neil La Bute’s Some Girl(s). I admit I was a little bit hesitant about the storyline -- This guy on the verge of getting married, suddenly feels the need to meet up with five old girlfriends whom he believes he hurt by walking out on them, wants to give them an opportunity for closure, but I like live theater so I purchased us tickets (and a button). Seven o’clock found us at The 3 Clubs Cocktail Lounge for the preview performance of Some Girl(s). We were seated front table which lent itself to the intimacy of the play’s setting. The lights went down and my apprehensions vanished. Gregory James’ performance made Guy into a Joffrey Baratheon kind of charact... full review
MARA HARTWIG certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Wonderful acting and story. Rachel Parker's performance as Lindsay particularly stood out. While the dialog can sometimes seem convoluted, the actors delivered their lines with natural ease. Kudos to all!... full review