Some Girl(s), by Neil LaBute

ensemble theatre · mahoobla productions · Ages 21+ · United States

This Sunday, Some Girl(s), winner of the Fringe Encore Producer’s award, returns for its extended Run.

August 3- September 14 on Sundays at 5:00

A man about to get married visits five women from his past who he thinks he “wronged” looking for closure.
Will it work? Probably not, but there’s still hope.
Grab a drink from the bar and find out.

Gregory James
Sophie Hannah
Laura Hartley
Rachel Parker
Brianne La Flair
Katherine Diaz

Directed by David Svengalis
Presented by Mahoobla Productions

LA WEEKLY reviews Some Girl(s)

Here’s what audience members are saying about Some Girl(s):
“Highly recommended”
“…The stage crackles…”
“…a triumph for director David Svengalis!”
“Extremely strong acting all around”
“Gregory James does an exceptional job…”
“Stellar acting, a must see!”
“The cast is truly amazing!”
“Witty, dark, and vastly entertaining.”

“…like watching a daytime soap opera live” Bob Leggett, Examiner

“David Svengalis has done a masterful job of directing…” – Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

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Please note that the show IS 21+, anyone without a valid ID will unfortunately not be admitted

Production Team

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