Lincoln Adjacent: Three Plays NOT About Abraham Lincoln

ensemble theatre · onion creek productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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June 22, 2014 certified reviewer
tagged as: Interesting piece

My overall impression

This is a terrific theatre outing….there are 3 tales..the most satisfying is the middle piece performed by Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker, Lizzie. This seeding has the capacity to be continued in a full length play. I sincerely hope it is continued. Actors in all 3 pieces are terrific and much of the writing is very good. I found myself riveted …one of the best presentations of the
FRINGE this year.

However, as seasoned an the actors are, and as interesting as the writing is, care should have been taken by the director: less would have been more…too many live sound effects that take this audience member and others “out of the moment” and hamper the voices …as did allowing some characters to “over amp” that the presentation is difficult to understand, at times.
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