The Trial of Dali

comedy · pro arte productions · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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I JENSEN certified reviewer June 07, 2014
None of our group of four enjoyed it. We expected the play to go deeper in to why he needed to defend his work and his defense of why he created what he did. The play tried to just go for shallow humor.... full review
ANDREW NOLA uncertified reviewer June 12, 2014
If you can suspend your belief for an hour, this show is worth going to. It's a truly "surreal" play. Don't expect anything psychological here - it's more of a Charlie Chaplin kind of thing. But there is one theme that is somewhat serious, and that's how artists are often scorned in society. Dali obviously had his detractors. This show is almost a mockery of this theme - but I suppose that's the point. Expect some slapstick insanity and a lot of energy from the cast. Have a drink beforehand (you can do it at the theatre) and I think you'll get an even bigger kick out of it. ... full review
CHARLES BAUGHMAN certified reviewer June 15, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed the cast's boisterous performance. It is said that Dali lived an outsized life..."a wild & crazy guy". He could have been an SNL character. This performance brought that out. Love the venue....Great production! ... full review
TONY FRANKEL uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
The idea to have a jilted ex-lover of Dali take him to court for his surrealist attempts at modern art is right out of Theatre of the Absurd. While the script is still in development and needs to be completely rethought, the director was incapable of directing this farce, for it lacked the elements necessary to make farce work -- believability and sight gags were nowhere to be seen, and it seems like actors (some of whom are very capable) are floundering to figure out what to do. Two of the actors (The Guard and Andy Warhol)are clueless to the point of being annoying. Positively one show to be avoided.... full review
TATIANA OJEDA uncertified reviewer June 28, 2014
I'm a big fan of Dalí and rather enjoyed the play :) The cast was great and really got into character. I loved their accents and wardrobes and props. The characters were overly dramatic and made it so funny. I wasn't expecting to be a part of the act in the end; added bonus. Great job team!... full review
CHRISTOPHER SZWAJA certified reviewer June 17, 2014
I liked the play. Go see it if you are interested in something more then realism in the theater. This play is unreal, it is surreal, it is also grotesquely funny. The audience laughed and clapped their hands often during the performance. There are many things to be impressed in this show. It is imaginative, and it is done with care. Those people put a lot of work and heart to their work. Jane E. Seymor is outstanding as Gala, but other performances are good too. However, not everything is just great, there some shortcomings in staging and performances. So, for sure, there is room for improvement. And I believe they will. I gladly recommend this show. Christopher ... full review
AMY MURRAY uncertified reviewer June 21, 2014
I am a huge fan of Salvador Dali and came with a surreal mindset. The cast was energized and bold. Many of them took risks within their characters and made great choices. For a first time run of this show and concept, there are many places the creative team can explore to include more surreal moments on stage. I ached for more art and surreal situations and it would be fun to see where more risks could be added. Patrick Ian Moore, as Dali, held the show with his humor. I personally couldn't stop watching him for fear of missing something special. He takes every moment with a Dali flare and gave a surreal human perspective to his character. His Dali had funny, over the top moments that left me wanting more. What stood out the most, was when D... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 14, 2014
I'm afraid the "The Trial of Dali" was even more disappointing than the O.J. Trial. Other than Jane Edwina Seymour the acting was flat enough to stroll unnoticed beneath the belly of a slug. We had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately it was a "mistrial". Throw rocks at this one, surreal melting rocks. Sorry folks... full review